Politicians in the 2014 Edmonton Pride Parade

Here’s a look at some of the politicians that participated in the Pride Parade that made its way through Edmonton’s downtown early this afternoon.

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Premier Dave Hancock

Former premier Alison Redford was the first premier to attend a pride parade when she addressed the crowd in Churchill Square back in 2012. She followed that up last year by becoming the first premier to march in a pride parade when she acted as grand marshal for Calgary’s parade. Premier Dave Hancock became the first premier to participate in Edmonton’s Pride Parade today.

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
MLA Laurie Blakeman

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
MLA Raj Sherman

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Mayor Don Iveson

Former Edmonton mayor Bill Smith repeatedly refused to proclaim Gay Pride Week in Edmonton, but that all changed in 2005 when former mayor Stephen Mandel proclaimed Pride Week. He became the first Edmonton mayor to participate in a pride parade when he rode that year in a car alongside Michael Phair, the city’s first openly gay elected official. Mayor Don Iveson has supported the parade for years.

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Mayor Don Iveson, Councillor Scott McKeen, Councillor Ben Henderson

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Councillor Dave Loken

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Councillor Andrew Knack

Councillors Walters & Henderson
Councillor Michael Walters & Councillor Ben Henderson, photo courtesy Michael Walters

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Randy Boissonnault, Liberal nomination candidate for Edmonton Centre

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
The Liberal Party

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014

Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
The Alberta Party

You can see many more photos of the parade here. The Pride Festival runs through June 15.

  • Dave Hancock

    Assoc Minister Sandra Jansen and Thomas Lukaszuk were also walking with CamFireFly

    • Thanks for adding that, unfortunately I don’t think I got a photo of them! Thank you for participating in the parade yesterday!

  • Rob Robin Aromin

    Linda Duncan was there.

    Did anyone of the Conservative MP in this area show up?

    • Yeah it’s too bad I didn’t get a photo of Linda Duncan. There may have been others participating but I didn’t see them.

    • ve6

      no, she wasn’t, prior engagement.

  • Edm-Centre Liberal

    Randy B is the only nomination candidate to be represented in this blog, he hasn’t been green-lit, and none of the green-lit Libs or ND’s are being represented, why?

    • I didn’t manage to get photos of anyone else, that’s all. If you can supply photos of the others participating in the parade, I’ll happily add them!