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Corporate Blogging

Scoble has a really interesting post on corporate blogging. I think he makes a number of excellent points, and I hope there are some companies out there reading him. If companies blogged, they would seem less like some corporate entity, and instead more like a friendly resource. Take for instance Creative. I have a SoundBlaster… Reads more »

50 First Dates

I went to see this movie on Friday with a bunch of people – awesome! I think it is easily one of Adam Sandler’s best movies, very funny, but definitely a Valentine’s movie 🙂 And don’t worry, like most Sandler movies, Rob Schneider is on board, and is very funny! As luck would have it,… Reads more »

Atom or RSS?

Now that I have been “in the blogosphere” for a while, I have learned quite a bit about the subject. One of the most important aspects of blogs, is their unique publishing capabilities. Most blogs do this using one of two formats (or sometimes both) – RSS and Atom. Some might say that there is… Reads more »


Well in case you hadn’t heard, Pixar and Disney ended discussions to extend their current motion picture deal. This means that “The Incredibles” and “Cars” will be the last two Pixar films to be distributed by Disney (at least for now). You can read the official Pixar press release here. So what does this mean?… Reads more »