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For a good time…

Anyone remember going into the washrooms in high school, and reading “for a good time, call…”? Or maybe you don’t have to remember, go into any public washroom today and you are sure to find it scrawled on the wall! Anyways…I am glad Dickson started blogging. But you have to check out his blog. It… Reads more »

CTC Recap

Well what can I say? This weekend was tough! I don’t like losing 😛 The trip to Calgary for the CTC was fun, but it was also very tiring, and the fact that we stayed up Friday night (read: barely slept) didn’t help matters. Definitely a good experience, and I learned a lot about DirectX,… Reads more »

Google Thinks For Me!

Well as sad as it might seem, I no longer have to think, thanks to Google. This afternoon I received the following mind game: You know what I am,but you can’t see me.You can waste me,but I’m never thrown away.What am I? Well a quick Google Search gives us the answer immediately!