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Megan is blogging!

It seems that another person has come out from hiding with their blog. Check out Megan’s blog at I think its great people are blogging…but where are the feeds?! I really get annoyed with blogs that don’t have RSS or Atom feeds…thats like having a book without the binding – you can read it,… Reads more »

Interested in robots?

If you like robots or are even slightly interested, you have to check out these videos. Pretty impressive work! I wish I had a robot that could be programmed to do that! Found via Bernard Wong

More MSN Pictures

Many of you know about my MSN pictures already, and I have recieved a number of requests which I hope to get to soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for something a little different, check out Kevin Durdle’s “Stickman” pictures. I can’t imagine how much time he put into those! Very cool!