Mike Rowe needs to grow up!

If I lived wherever Mike Rowe does, I would hunt him down and teach him a lesson! Please, this is just plain sad. Talk about milking your 15 minutes for all it’s worth. After I was done teaching him a lesson, I would hunt down all FIFTY FIVE bidders (as of the time of this post) and do the same to them!

Why would you sell something like that? And even more unfathomable, why would you want to buy it? My “chance to own a piece of Internet history”? Are you insane? The whole mikerowsoft issue is a minor blip, just screaming to be forgotton.

I also think its quite funny that he has no eBay feedback rating, yet won’t accept bids from anyone with a zero rating. He claims this is so he can verify intentions. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what the winner does with this…

CTC Recap

Well what can I say? This weekend was tough! I don’t like losing 😛

The trip to Calgary for the CTC was fun, but it was also very tiring, and the fact that we stayed up Friday night (read: barely slept) didn’t help matters. Definitely a good experience, and I learned a lot about DirectX, so not all is lost. You can read more at our Wizards Blog.

Now I look forward to Imagine Cup!

Posting from BlogJet

Well I finally fixed the error with my blog that prevented me from posting using tools like w.bloggar or the new BlogJet which I am giving a spin! Turns out the ‘services’ folder in my IIS was an application, so removing the application made everything work smoothly again 🙂

BlogJet is really nice, looks like a Windows XP application. Doesn’t seem as powerful as w.bloggar however, and it’s creators intend to charge for future versions.

Imagine Cup Health Service Coverage!

Last year Dickson and I won the Canadian part of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and went on to compete internationally in Barcelona, Spain during Tech Ed 2003. Today we are featured in the University of Alberta ExpressNews. The interview went really well, and more coverage can’t hurt 🙂

There are also some good links at the bottom of the article to our various Imagine Cup sites.