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Thoughts on the updated Windows Live Essentials Beta

Like many of you, I’ve been using the various Windows Live desktop applications for a long time now. Until fairly recently however, they all looked and felt different from one another. There wasn’t much cohesion. That changed when Microsoft began to make the UIs similar and launched the Windows Live Installer which integrated all the… Reads more »

Download Windows Vista Now!

Its another sign that Windows Vista is inching closer to launch. Microsoft today announced the “Customer Preview Program” that enables pretty much anyone to download and test out the latest version of Windows Vista: The software maker is still cautioning that Vista is not ready for the average consumer, pitching the CPP as suited for… Reads more »

Google News goes gold

As John Battelle and others have noted, Google News is now officially out of beta. I guess it’s not the most important news item of the day, but it’s not often you see a product that has no way to make money and has been in “beta testing” for over four years “go gold”. From… Reads more »

When should you release software?

When Dickson and I saw Google Talk the other day, an old discussion about when software should be released was renewed. The application was so basic and underwhelming that we couldn’t help but think they should have waited longer to release it. Usually Dickson thinks that software should be released when it’s more complete, whereas… Reads more »

Technorati Beta

As Steve Rubel noted, Technorati has rolled out a new public beta of their site “that’s aimed at attracting those who are not quite as familiar with blogging as some of the rest of us.” The site maintains all of the features currently available, like tags and watchlists, and adds a bunch more like improved… Reads more »