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Chicken Snack Wrap

I haven’t been watching much TV lately, so if there were commercials for McDonald’s new Chicken Snack Wrap, I didn’t see them. The first time I had heard of the sandwich was when I stopped in for a quick dinner last night. Apparently I had good timing, because this press release is dated yesterday! In… Reads more »

Meth Coffee

Could they not come up with another name? Will people actually buy this coffee simply because it has the word “meth” in its name? I found this via Agenda Inc., in a post titled “First Cocaine energy drink, now Meth Coffee.” That about sums it up – what in the world is going on with… Reads more »

Breakfast at Starbucks

When I go to Starbucks I order coffee and nothing else. I avoid the pastries because, well, they suck. Even the rice krispie squares, which are one of my favorite treats, just aren’t very good at Starbucks. I’d definitely be willing to try one of their new breakfast sandwiches though (via Starbucks Gossip): In the… Reads more »

Grilled Cheese Bliss

I should have been paying more attention a few weeks ago! August 29th was Grilled Cheese Day at Slashfood. You can still read the 31 related posts, full of recipes, ideas, and pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s enough to make you hungry! If that wasn’t enough, I discovered that there’s actually a “Greatest Grilled… Reads more »