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Media Monday Edmonton: Update #4

I’ve decided to rename the “week in review” posts to simply “update” because I don’t do them every week! Here’s my latest update: CKUA has been shortlisted for the opportunity to receive a $100,000 grant from Pepsi Canada. If they win, they’re going to establish a Songwriter-in-Residence program. You can vote for them here. The… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Week in Review #2

Here’s my second week in review: Vue Weekly is no longer “Edmonton’s 100% Independent News and Entertainment Source.” If you check the fine print on the Vue Weekly masthead, you’ll find the following: “Vue Weekly is a division of Postvue Publishing LP (Robert W. Doull, President) and is published every Thursday.” Representatives of Doull’s BC-based… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Meet the new West Edmonton Local

Last week a new media organization launched here in Edmonton, one that is quite unlike any of the others. West Edmonton Local is a project of Grant MacEwan University’s journalism program focusing on news in the west end of our city. It’s a website, an experiment in hyperlocal news, and a fantastic learning tool for… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Week in Review #1

Like many others, I’m interested in the continual evolution of journalism and media. And given my passion for Edmonton, I’m particularly interested in that evolution at a local level. Where have we been, and where are we going? What’s next? I’m not particularly interested in the distinction between “traditional media” and “new media”, though I… Reads more »

Would you trust a citizen plumber to work on your toilet?

That’s one of the questions, referring to citizen journalism, that Edmonton Journal columnist Dan Barnes asked last week in this all-over-the-place piece. Was it rhetorical? Maybe, but I’ll bite anyway. I know you’re not supposed to answer a question with a question, but I wonder what Dan meant by citizen plumber? Did he mean someone… Reads more »