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Odeo bought by SonicMountain

Back in February I posted about Evan Williams and Obvious Corp. trying to sell Odeo. I hadn’t heard anything since then, so I kind of figured they were unable to find a buyer. Turns out they did though. From TechCrunch: Details are just coming out, but New York based SonicMountain, a new startup, has acquired… Reads more »

Download Requests Alone Are Pretty Useless

Back in December I said that podcasters should gather and share as much statistical data as possible. It is now exactly three months later and, surprise-surprise, I still feel that way. The topic resurfaced on Saturday when Adam Curry from PodShow posted about the number of download requests the PodShow network has received: For the… Reads more »

Use podcasting to get your book published

Interesting piece in the New York Times yesterday about authors using podcasting to get noticed and ultimately, to get their books published. founder Evo Terra was interviewed for the article: “Compared to audiobooks these authors break every rule in the business, including using sound effects,” Mr. Terra said. The podcast books also use music… Reads more »

Northern Voice Conference Day

We just finished recording the keynote session with Anil Dash at Northern Voice 2007, and I am now in the “Blogging 101” session. The recording is going fairly well, and the audio recorders have picked up the presenters better than I expected given all the background noise you get when everyone has a laptop in… Reads more »

The welcome message is up!

Let the podcasting begin! We just uploaded a very quick (under 3 minutes) welcome message to the Northern Voice podcast to introduce ourselves and our plan for recording the conference. Here are the most important links: Our Northern Voice 2007 Podcast Main RSS Feed Subscribe in iTunes (iTunes must be installed) The Welcome Message I… Reads more »

Podcasting Northern Voice 2007

I am leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Vancouver – Megan, Dickson, Sharon and I are heading to Northern Voice 2007. It’s a conference I look forward to every year. I’m especially excited about this year because we have volunteered to record all of the sessions! Here’s what I sent to Darren: We’re hosting… Reads more »

Wanna buy Odeo?

Hard to believe that just two years ago Odeo was a star. Heck, they even have a star in their logo! Over that period of time, they have slowly but steadily faded from the spotlight. And now even Odeo’s founders don’t want to keep it around: It seems likely Odeo is worth more to someone… Reads more »