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Thoughts on Capitol v. Thomas

Record labels have filed over 20,000 lawsuits related to file sharing since 2003, and the first one to go to trial received a verdict yesterday in Minnesota. The jury found defendant Jammie Thomas guilty and ordered her to pay the six record companies that sued her $9,250 for each of the 24 songs they decided… Reads more »

Stop the madness – abolish DRM!

Has DRM (digital rights management) ever accomplished anything positive? I find it really hard to believe that DRM has increased sales of music, movies, or any other protected content. In fact, I’d bet it has had the exact opposite effect. Just mentioning the acronym brings nothing but negative thoughts to mind. I think it’s only… Reads more »


I have always had two questions in the back of my mind about purchasing music online. First, how do the record labels/music stores decide what quality to encode an audio track at for sale? And secondly, how can they charge similar prices for CD’s and online music, the latter of which is generally much lower… Reads more »

Bronfman on Apple and Music

Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. has publicly responded to the comments made by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs last week. Jobs called the record labels “greedy” and pledged to keep iTunes prices at 99 cents. Mr. Bronfman made it clear he disagrees: He called Apple’s across-the-board $0.99-per-song charge unfair. “There’s no content that I… Reads more »

Toyota launching record label

Toyota, yes the car company, is apparently launching a record label in conjunction with its Scion line of cars. The announcement was made at the SXSW conference: “We’re not making a profit from this,” Jeri Yoshizu, sales promotion manager of Scion said. “We are enabling unsigned artists to get their feet up.” She added the… Reads more »