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Pingdom Website Monitoring

Pingdom is a service that monitors your websites and/or servers and can let you know when something goes wrong. Despite your best efforts, something will go wrong, so it’s important to know right away when it does so that you can take action. That’s exactly what Pingdom helps you do. I should have written this… Reads more »

Experimenting with Evernote

For the last week or so I’ve been using a new application called Evernote. Actually, the term application may be misleading – Evernote is more of a service with the lofty goal of helping you remember everything. From the about page: Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or… Reads more »

Microsoft’s Live Mesh

One of the big tech stories today was the launch of Live Mesh, Microsoft’s new platform for synchronizing files, applications, and other stuff across different devices. I read quite a few articles about Live Mesh, and I have to admit I find it daunting to comprehend. Here’s the definition from Mary Jo Foley: “Live Mesh… Reads more »

I Love TripIt (And You Will Too!)

Late last year I came across TripIt, a free Web 2.0 travel organization service. TripIt helps you automatically build an itinerary, access it from multiple locations and devices, share it with others, and more. It also automatically includes maps and weather forecasts, among other information. I’ve used TripIt four times now. The first was my… Reads more »

New Speed Test Service

Another tool gets Web 2.0-ified (well sort of, it’s just Flash, though it is marked beta). No longer are speed tests boring! Thanks to, you get an interactive map and speedometer-like gauges to see how fast your Internet connection is. From Blog Esoterica: The site allows you to select servers to ping from around… Reads more »

Libsyn Pro?

I just went to take a look at Libsyn’s site tonight, and came across Libsyn Pro. Oddly there is nothing about the service at their blog or in the forums yet. Here’s the brief description: Built from the ground up, we took the best features of our very popular Libsyn personal system and added the… Reads more »


I came across OpenDNS today via Geek News Central. I have been meaning to look for something like this for quite some time. Basically, it is a DNS service, used by your computer to look up the IP address of a domain name. Whenever you setup your Internet connection on your computer, or router, or… Reads more »