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Ten Years of Visual Studio

I missed this last week, but March 19th was the ten year anniversary of the release of Visual Studio 97 – the first release of the Visual Studio product. Rob Caron has written my thoughts exactly: Visual Studio has come a long way in that 10-year period. I remember Visual Studio 97. It was sitting… Reads more »

Visual Studio Orcas

I haven’t been keeping up on my .NET news as much as I used to, so lots of the things that Scott Guthrie mentioned in his “First Look at Orcas” post were new to me. And now I’m all excited! Here are some of the things that stick out for me: Orcas will indeed bring… Reads more »

WinFX renamed .NET Framework 3.0

In a fairly quiet announcement, made on a blog (noteworthy all by itself!), Microsoft has decided to rename their next development platform from WinFX to the .NET Framework 3.0. While it won’t affect the average user, it has created quite a discussion for developers: The .NET Framework has always been at the core of WinFX,… Reads more »

Get Visual Studio Express FREE

The official launch date for Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 was yesterday – I’ve been waiting a long time! Congrats to the teams for getting everything shipped. And there’s good news for novice, hobbyist and student programmers too – you can get the Express tools for free: We originally announced pricing of Visual… Reads more »

Tonight’s Whidbey Event

Tonight the Edmonton .NET Wizards (don’t bother clicking, the site is horribly out of date) which Dickson and I manage hosted an event talking about Whidbey, or Visual Studio 2005. We had John Bristowe come up from Calgary to tell us all about the new changes in C#, VB.NET, the IDE, and the framework itself…. Reads more »