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Microsoft Announcement Day 2008

Today was the first day of Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference, but they may as well have called it official announcement day! For anyone who uses Microsoft technologies on a day-to-day basis, today is a day to remember. Definitely one for the history books of technology. The big announcement was Windows Azure: Today, during a keynote… Reads more »

I have seen the future and its name is FriendFeed

Slightly dramatic title I suppose, but FriendFeed has been causing quite the stir on the interwebs lately. And for me personally, it’s where I have been spending an increasing amount of my online time. Along with Twitter (well, when it’s working) I find myself keeping a FriendFeed tab open in my browser at all times…. Reads more »

Let Microsoft run Exchange for you

Live Mesh and other consumer facing initiatives tend to garner the majority of the headlines related to Microsoft’s cloud computing initiatives, but it’s the simple, more boring things like hosted Exchange services that will probably have a bigger direct impact on the bottom line. I’ve run my own servers for a long time now, and… Reads more »

Why isn’t Twitter dead?

I started using Twitter back in about October of 2006. It had a pretty sizable following by that time, and it has grown quite significantly ever since. I quite like the service, and I’m totally enamored with the idea of microblogging and micromedia in general. And like everyone else, I am frequently annoyed at how… Reads more »

Amazon FPS: another US-only payments service

Amazon launched another web service on Friday, called the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS). The interesting thing about the launch is that Jeff Barr was teasing everyone on Twitter, building up the anticipation. I was eagerly watching for updates! I wish more product launches happened in a similar fashion. Anyway, here is how Jeff described… Reads more »

New Pricing for Amazon S3

Late last night Amazon sent an email to S3 customers announcing an upcoming pricing change. Storage costs will remain the same, but the price for bandwidth is going to change: Current bandwidth price (through May 31, 2007) $0.20 / GB – uploaded $0.20 / GB – downloaded New bandwidth price (effective June 1, 2007) $0.10… Reads more »

Amazon S3: 5 billion objects and counting

One of the more interesting stories to come out of the Web 2.0 Expo is that of’s Simple Storage Service (S3) passing 5 billion stored objects. You can watch a video of Jeff Bezos talking to conference attendees here. According to Bezos, S3 was storing just 800,000 objects in July 2006. That’s some pretty… Reads more »

Tim O’Reilly on Yahoo! Pipes

I’ve been doing a little more reading about Yahoo! Pipes lately, and today I came across this excellent (though somewhat long) post from Mr. Web 2.0 himself, Tim O’Reilly. He says (via BoingBoing): It democratizes web programming, making it easier for people to have more control over the internet information services they consume, and providing… Reads more »

Yahoo! Pipes

I decided I would take one last look at Techmeme before heading off to bed, and as a result I just found out about a new product from Yahoo! called Pipes. It’s definitely not for everyone, but my inner geek is jumping for joy – Pipes is very, very cool: Pipes is a hosted service… Reads more »