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The New Delicious

On July 31st, the new finally launched. I consider myself a fairly heavy user of the service, with over 4200 bookmarks and 3700 tags. It’s something I use on a daily basis, so I noticed the new version almost immediately. My first reaction was “wow” but after using it for the last few days,… Reads more »

Maybe Microsoft should buy Amazon instead

The Microsoft-Yahoo deal continues to be the hot topic in the blogosphere right now, with Techmeme still dominated by related discussion. The latest news is that Google has posted an official response to the proposed takeover. In general, discussion has moved from “can you believe what just happened” to “this deal with fail/succeed because…” If… Reads more »

Yahoo and Google become OpenID providers

The OpenID single sign-on project got a major boost this week when Yahoo announced it would enable it’s 250 million users to use their Yahoo logins for authenticating at OpenID websites. And just yesterday, Google announced that Blogger accounts can now be used as OpenID logins. OpenID is definitely gaining momentum. So what is OpenID?… Reads more »

Microsoft and Yahoo…again

As the saying goes: where there’s smoke there’s fire. Perhaps that axiom should have a time limit though. I mean, there can only be so much smoke before you have to wonder…is there one fire? Multiple fires? Any fire at all? Is that even smoke?! The reason I bring this up: Microsoft buying Yahoo was… Reads more »

Yahoo! Podcasts is dead

I’ve seen a few blog posts on this now, and I wanted to add my own thoughts. Some time in the last couple days Yahoo added a message to the top of their forever-in-beta podcast directory site that reads “Yahoo! apologizes deeply, but we will be closing down the Podcasts site on Oct. 31, 2007.”… Reads more »

Yahoo Mail gets better

I haven’t used Yahoo! Mail in ages, but two bits of news caught my eye today regarding the service. The first, is that Yahoo! is going to start offering unlimited storage in May: The unlimited storage will begin rolling out globally in May, and Yahoo expects to have all of its customers covered within a… Reads more »

Happy Birthday Yahoo!

On March 2nd, 1995 the site that started life as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” incorporated as Yahoo (with an exclamation of course). I remember the early days, when all the pages had grey backgrounds and seemed to lack structure. It sure has come a long way. Tony Long at Wired explains: Originally… Reads more »

Yahoo! Pipes

I decided I would take one last look at Techmeme before heading off to bed, and as a result I just found out about a new product from Yahoo! called Pipes. It’s definitely not for everyone, but my inner geek is jumping for joy – Pipes is very, very cool: Pipes is a hosted service… Reads more »

Did Facebook miss the boat?

That’s the question that Robert Young asks over at GigaOM today. Facebook apparently turned down many potential suitors last year, deciding to go it alone. Was that a good decision or a bad one? Robert does a good job of explaining that if you ignore the financial side of things, it looks like it was… Reads more »