Do you lie in your email? How about blogs?

A new story over at says that “students who tracked their lies for a week reported telling lies in 15 percent of email messages”. Does that sound like a lot to you? The article goes on to say that the students told lies in more than a third of phone calls.

I try to avoid the phone as much as possible, but I can see how it would be easy to lie on the phone. There is no record, and if you can make a convincing tone, you are set. Email leaves a record, as do instant messages, and face to face is harder to pull off, as most people crack under pressure.

If you are a serious blogger, do you lie in your posts? I don’t think I have ever lied in a blog post, but I am guilty of all the other categories! I think the percentage of lies told in blogs would probably be quite low, but who am I to say? 🙂

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