Two Dollar Lattes!

Yesterday afternoon I went with Dickson to meet Sharon and Annie at the Second Cup on campus. Its always interesting when we get together, but here is a brief rundown on what happened:

1) I declared that lattes are for wimps – as Sharon was drinking one…
2) Dickson and I were introduced to Sharon and Annie’s mutual friend Catherine (or Katherine?). Very nice girl who apparently has a boyfriend and was recently engaged. The funny thing is that when Sharon told me that, she said it like I cared…like they were hurdles or something…Please!
3) Another person sitting next to us overheard our discussion and ended up chatting with us. Nice to meet you Barb!
4) For some odd reason, Catherine got the idea that I should be a teacher…

In any case, the plan is to do the same next Tuesday, so hopefully Sharon and Annie don’t get in the way! “Shes a nice girl don’t corrupt her!”. Settle down and go with the flow ladies!

5 thoughts on “Two Dollar Lattes!

  1. yeah, she’s so out of your league….so don’t waste your time. lol….go after someone like lisa….lol. at least that’s do-able. (in more ways than one, right?) 😉

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