Good Riddance April!

I am more than happy to welcome the month of May! Gone are the days of snow, cold or uncertain weather, final exams, project marks, losing programming competitions, taxes, year end, etc. May will be a much happier month indeed!

Hello to the wonderful month of May! Many good things to come I predict, the first of which will be created Saturday, May 1st. Stay tuned to my blog and for updates 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good Riddance April!

  1. HAPPY MAY DAY MASTERMAQ! Send some sunshine our way please, I am tired of seeing the snow fly! I too welcome the month of May, bring on the flowers, sun, and warm breezes but kill all those damn mosquitoes! I hope May brings you a breath of fresh air Mack, some relaxation and all things good! HUGS

  2. hee hee hee, Mack you’re still mommy’s big boy hehe, that’s coo, I’m sure all things horrid would come alive if my mom ever learned how to blog haha.

    Now…about that…SPECIAL presentation

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