Splogging Defined

Now that splogging has made it into the dictionary at PseudoDictionary, I figured I should create a special post for information regarding the word.


The word “splogging” was created on April 14th, 2004 at 9:16 PM MST. The actual splogging began at 1:27 PM MST that same day on Jeanie’s post entitled “Utility Programs” which can be found at http://blogosphere.ca/genie/archive/2004/04/13/1142.aspx. The original post announcing the creation of the word can be found at https://blog.mastermaq.ca/archive/2004/04/14/472.aspx.


You can read the official dictionary entry and definition at PseudoDictionary: http://www.pseudodictionary.com/splogging.


The word splogging can be used in the following forms:

noun. splogging, splog – Mack practices the fine art of splogging. That last attack was the best splog ever!
verb. splog, splogged, splogging – Dickson likes to splog people! Looks like Jeanie got splogged again! Chu is splogging!


Splogging is a cross between the terms “blogging” and “spam”. Making a post on your weblog or perhaps even reading other blogs is commonly referred to as blogging. And spam as I am sure you are aware is that annoying email that is either unsolicited, repeated, or both. Splogging then is the unsoliticed, repeated, or both, type of comments found on a blog post. The link above provides an excellent example.


I suppose the term splogging could be expanded in the future to refer to inserting the types of posts in a blog that are strictly advertising. As people increasingly read news and other websites in feed aggregators, a new form of advertising will inevitable have to emerge, and that might include inserting advertisement posts into a feed.

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