Has Summer Arrived?

What an incredible day outside today! As I write this post we are still at the high for today of 22 degrees. Amazing is what I say, and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter! Crack out the shorts and sandals! Too bad its gonna get cold again on Friday.

Everyone remember the Inuvik high school roof collapsing? Well apparently two kids broke in over the weekend and set fire to the mechanical room – that’s right, the room that runs the rest of the school. They also ended up torching the gym in the process. So basically, there is no school. Period. Anyone want to ask me again why I went to high school here?

Finally, it seems like the nasty flu that has been going around has found its way to Inuvik 😦 Hope you are feeling better soon Mom!

4 thoughts on “Has Summer Arrived?

  1. Get well soon, Mrs. Male! You have to get better and supervise Mack 😉

    Yes. Punks indeed. They need hardcore discipline here…send them to Principal Fung’s office!

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