You know what they say…

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember toothing? Hooking up with strangers found over the Bluetooth airwaves sounded too good to be true, and yesterday, it was revealed that the whole thing was a hoax:

All we did was register a forum (which has now been taken down by the service provider, but we have a backup) and fill it with fictional posts by fictional Toothing ’sceners. A week later, we had what appeared to be a vibrant UK Toothing community all ready to roll, and I sent the link off to Gizmodo, a gadget blog. They reported it (you can see that first story here, with a credit at the end to ‘S’, my super-subtle pseudonym). Everyone else linked to / blogged / ripped off their story. Things started to roll, and we became a ludicrous, implausible meme. In turn, that brought Real People to our forum. Others created forums for their localities—Sweden, Denmark, Italy, whatever.

Wired, Reuters, the BBC, and many others (including yours truly) fell for it. Must have been fun to start such a meme though!

Read: Techdirt

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