Technorati Beta

Post ImageAs Steve Rubel noted, Technorati has rolled out a new public beta of their site “that’s aimed at attracting those who are not quite as familiar with blogging as some of the rest of us.” The site maintains all of the features currently available, like tags and watchlists, and adds a bunch more like improved personalization, the ability to view watchlists on the web, and more third-party tag content.

I have to admit, I rather like the new design. It definitely looks more user friendly, and does indeed do a better job of explaining just what the heck Technorati is. I don’t recall seeing the Technorati blog before, which is a really nice addition to the site. Of course green being my favorite color probably means that I am somewhat partial to the new site already 🙂

So far, searching appears to be faster too. One of my biggest complaints with Technorati right now is that a search seems to take forever to load. In the new beta though, not only does searching seem faster, but more content appears to be loaded too, like images from Flickr.

For those of you new to Technorati, it’s a great way to check out what bloggers are posting. Take a look at the new beta, and see what you think!

Read: Technorati Beta

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