Breaking out of his pod

Post ImageToday the Edmonton Journal featured the Alberta Centennial Edition, a collection of stories about 100 Albertans living and working in the province today. Along with each one is a related story about Alberta’s history. If you follow the above link and navigate to page 46, you’ll find an article entitled “Breaking out of his pod”, all about Dickson Wong.

It’s a really well-written article, although it says that Dickson sings in three choirs when in fact he plays piano in three choirs. In fact, Dickson is quite the piano man! He played last night at Yi-Li’s BBQ, and he often entertains guests at the Paramagnus offices, as seen here. The article talks about a number of things including Paramagnus, the podcasting robot, and Dickson’s Chinese heritage and language. It mentions our leather couch and frequent late night trips to Denny’s! I even got quoted a few times.

The subtitle of the article is “Versatile computer engineer aims to market podcasting software in China” – perhaps more a prediction for the future than an accurate representation of present day, but intriguing nonetheless. Dickson scanned in the article, which you can find here.

Congratulations Dickson!

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