Helping Kim Move

Post ImageHaven’t been around much the last couple days as I’ve been busy helping Kimmi move into residence at Grant MacEwan. It’s funny how you don’t realize just how much effort it takes, and just how much stuff you actually have. I don’t think I have ever owned as many clothes as Kim does right now!

The residence itself is very nice – minus the concrete floors that make your feet black. There is room for 900 students total in bachelor, two-bedroom and four-bedroom configurations, and the building is currently home to 600 students. I’d expect it to fill up pretty quickly though. Kim is in a two-bedroom, so she shares a bathroom and kitchenette with a roommate. They don’t have an oven, but they do have a stovetop and a microwave, and let’s be honest, you really only need a microwave anyway! You can see the pictures here.

There are some pretty strict rules about having guests and that sort of thing, so I am not sure how often I’ll actually be there. I also think it’s funny that they are only allowed to have 9 sleepovers per semester. What kind of number is that? Why not just make it an even ten? I don’t get it. At first I thought it was dumb to have such a rule at all, but then I remembered one of those facts of life that I look forward to one day when I am a father – you live under my roof, you live by my rules!

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2 thoughts on “Helping Kim Move

  1. Maybe they limit the number of sleepovers so that they can limit the number of STDs in the building. Or maybe they are just anal. Cause really, does it matter at all? I didn’t think so….

  2. After spending two years in Lister, which Gmac’s rez has been based after, I can tell you the rules are lax. How many people are going to be monitoring if your guests actually stay for the "sleep over". As long as your roomate doesnt complain 9 nights is only guidelines.

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