Tamiflu Frenzy

Post ImageIf you turn on the TV to CNN or another news station, you’ll no doubt see something on Wilma and something on Tamiflu. All of a sudden there seems to be widespread fear of an outbreak of avian flu, and as a result demand for Roche’s Tamiflu has skyrocketed. eBay was even forced to take down sales of the drug:

A spokeswoman for eBay said the auction, for Roche Holding’s flu medicine, had been stopped because the sale of prescription drugs was not allowed under the e-commerce company’s rules.

Europe has seen a surge in demand for Tamiflu on the Internet, following the confirmation of cases of avian flu in Turkey and Romania, and a suspected case in Greece.

Bids for a single course of treatment, comprised of 10 capsules, had reached 104 pounds ($174.61) by midday Thursday before the auction was canceled. Some 28 bids were received for the drug, which was advertised as located in Birmingham, England.

There are lots of news articles out there on Tamiflu if you take a look. I saw a report on Global News last night here in Edmonton that said Alberta has taken the lead in Canada in terms of stockpiling the drug. We apparently have so much Tamiflu on hand, that our health department has started evaluating which provinces to share with first. Maybe we should be sharing with Europe too.

Read: CNET News.com

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