Podcasting at the University of Regina

Post ImageThis is just too cool for words! Via Tod Maffin’s wonderful blog I came across what might become the world’s first university course on podcasting! It seems that Michael Bell from the University of Regina’s School of Journalism really likes podcasting and wants to take such a course:

When I first made the decision to come to j-school, I was excited about the possibility of combining my interest in practicing podcasting with my studies of journalism. Especially enticing was the impression I got from j-school instructors that it would indeed be possible to podcast within the j-school’s program of study. But it has to start somewhere, right?

Via this proposal, I hope to outline a way to continue to study journalism and combine my study with the practice of podcasting.

Michael is a full time student, not a teacher, so the idea uses something called “directed study”, which he explains is a way for a student to gain credit for learning something of interest. There is an instructor to suggest readings, assignments, etc. His entire proposal is pretty interesting and worth a read.

I think a course on podcasting (and blogging for that matter) would be a really unique offering at my own school. I admire Michael for taking the initiative to get something started. I’m definitely going to have to look into this “directed study” thing – I wonder if we have something similar at the UofA?

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2 thoughts on “Podcasting at the University of Regina

  1. Most universities have directed studies courses. They’re intended to allow self-motivated students to pursue a topic that doesn’t fit neatly into an existing course. You might have to look around a bit though. They are most typical in situations where a professor already knows you and what you’re capable of, and is willing to monitor your progress.

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