Corel buys WinZip

Post ImageThe last time I wrote about Canadian software company Corel, I mentioned that they struck me as a company “without focus, or at least, too many different focuses.” But don’t take my word for it, just look at their most recent announcement. Larry Borsato explains:

Corel, the makers of all of that once great software that nobody uses now like WordPerfect, has acquired WinZip. I must have a sixth sense about this sort of thing because I stopped using WinZip a couple of months ago and switched to WinRAR.

I just got my new computer all setup this week (more on that later) and what do you know! Like Larry, I too only have WinRAR installed, no WinZip for me. Whew, that was a close one. Any idea why Corel would buy WinZip? I don’t see how it fits with their company…but maybe its just me.

Read: Larry Borsato

3 thoughts on “Corel buys WinZip

  1. WinZip has sold many licenses to the corporate people over the years. That’s money. And now that’s Corel’s.

  2. Yeah but think a little beyond that! People buy ice cream, so why doesn’t Corel buy an ice cream company? I am more interested in the strategy behind the purchase. There has to be more than just a revenue stream.

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