Blog Control Update

Just a quick note to mention that I changed the “enter the code you see” control (known as a CAPTCHA or HIP control) found on the comment form for my blog. Instead of letters, numbers, and a bunch of random characters, all you have to enter now is a three-digit number. Should work more reliably I hope.

The same change has been made on the Paramagus Blog, my Dad’s blog, and all of the Blogosphere blogs. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

In case you’re wondering, the control I am using now was created by Timothy Humphrey for Community Server. It appears to work fine in CS 1.1, CS 2.0, and the old .Text 0.95!

  • test

  • Told you it would work!

  • romg, no more trying to figure out what letter that might be haha

  • Awesome. I’ve had two or three comments where I didn’t quite get the letters/numbers right and ended up losing the whole thing.

  • Yeah, it was a long overdue fix 🙂