Zune – it's what I want for Christmas!

Post ImageMicrosoft officially launched the Zune today with a press release, and a bunch of photos. All of the specifications are pretty much what Engadget and others have been reporting for weeks, but the one big surprise is the color lineup: white, black, and brown. Yes brown. Engadget has some more details:

They also finally let slip the screen res — an unsurprising QVGA — and some better news on the codec front: the Zune supports h.264, MP3, AAC and WMA. As for ballyhoo, wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing is where the real action is at, and it works pretty much like we’ve been hearing: you can share a full-length track with a friend, and they’ve got three times to listen to it over a three day period, after which they can flag the song for purchase on the Zune Marketplace — unless they’re an unlimited “Zune Pass” subscriber, of course. You can also share playlists and pictures with your buddies, along with what we suppose are “unprotected” homemade recordings.

You might remember that I got the Creative Zen Touch for Christmas two years ago, and it has worked great for me ever since. I still use it every day. But two years is a long time in the world of technology! A brand new Zune, with it’s color screen (my Zen is just blue), video, and wireless capabilities (among other things) might be in order don’t you think?

The white one would match my Xbox 360 quite nicely!

Read: Engadget

8 thoughts on “Zune – it's what I want for Christmas!

  1. We’ll see I guess! I don’t see why people think the feature set sucks. Lots of people on the Engadget post are griping about it only having a 30 GB harddrive. I bet the vast majority of people don’t have anywhere near 30 gigs of content on their device.

  2. Integrating an FM modulator would have been a huge winner – what a shame.

    Prediction: The lack of colours is going to be a real problem – the brown is awful and even if they are lovely and translucent in person – why add a cool feature that you can’t market because it doesn’t show up in photos.

  3. I don’t think the feature set sucks. I think it’s quite competitive compared to almost every other comparable device on the market. However, I think at best it equals, and certainly doesn’t surpass, the iPod. I also don’t see the allure of an FM tuner. I thought the whole point of having all that music on a device all at once was so that you wouldn’t need the radio anymore.

  4. To be clear the FM modulator (which is now an add-on in the car kit) would have immediately enabled anyone with a Zune to get in any car with a radio (so practically any car) and listen to their music on the car sound system. A killer feature and previously rumoured to have been included.

    I’m really curious to know if it’s Windows CE under th hood.

  5. Truth be told, the FM modulator would have been nice. I don’t need it with my car though, as my stereo has an AUX-in jack.

    I wonder if they will add more colors later? Windows CE under the hood hey…could be, could be…

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