The Green Hummer

Post ImageThat’s green as in “environmentally friendly” – not the color. The last vehicle you’d ever expect to undergo a clean energy makeover just has. Well sort of. The Hummer O2 concept vehicle just won the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge and has some impressive features:

Yes, you read that right: this Hummer-branded vehicle, made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, pulls double-duty as a mobile algae cultivation farm, whose photosynthetic waste provides oxygen for both the O2 itself and the surrounding environment; what’s more, used algae are employed as biomass to provide partial power. The main power sources, though, are the fuel cells built directly into each wheel (wrapped in adaptable Active Tread tires, naturally), which drive independent hydraulic motors when fed hydrogen from a central holding tank.

Pretty intense! Don’t expect to find one at a GM dealer near you though.

Read: Engadget

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