Scoble and his sheep

Post ImageI think Robert Scoble is a really smart and passionate guy, but man does he ever herd a lot of sheep! In the last few months, Twitter has grown incredibly fast. So fast that Obvious Corp. is trying to offload Odeo so that they can focus on Twitter. And it seems to me that the growth is largely due to Robert pimping the service.

I don’t really have a good way to back this up, other than noticing the trend in my aggregator. Before Robert started talking about Twitter in almost every post on his blog, it was rare for me to read about Twitter in any of the other blogs I subscribe to. Lately though, it’s like clockwork. There’s probably one blogger a day who announces they have “given in”, “succumbed”, or otherwise been “forced” to join Twitter. It always goes something like this:

I heard about Twitter a long time ago and thought it was useless. Now though, I have decided to try it out, and Scoble’s right, it’s great!

They don’t always mention Scoble, but often you can trace it back to him. Maybe he should be asking the Obvious boys for referral money!

The one notable exception to the trend (remember, this is just based on the feeds I read) is Darren Barefoot, and even he mentioned Robert!

2 thoughts on “Scoble and his sheep

  1. I think since before Evan Williams gave the money back to his investors, the plan was to offload it. I think he described not being as passionate about the service as he needed to be to make a successful service — eating your own food, dog or otherwise.

    PS. the user experience on this blog for a single post of a long blank page where I assume comments would be is awkward.

  2. Sure, he wasn’t as passionate about it anymore, but perhaps that lack of passion was due to Twitter!

    Not sure what you mean about comments being awkward?

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