Food Glorious Food! In Calgary!

I stole the first part of the title from my sister – she uses it for pictures of food she makes and I like the way it sounds. I love food! So much so that Sharon and I went down to Calgary this past weekend for Dine Out week. It was also a good excuse for a short break away from everything.

Montreal Smoked Meat Omelette

Sharon is a great writer, and she summarized our trip very well on her blog – Part 1 and Part 2. Instead of repeating what she’s already written, I’ll just share a few highlights:

  • We ate at the following restaurants: blink and Galaxie Diner. Both were awesome! The photo above is the Montreal Smoked Meat Omelette from Galaxie. It’s a great little diner, with Coke memorabilia everywhere!
  • We stayed at the Westin Calgary, which is a really nice hotel. It even has a Starbucks in the lobby. We were upgraded to the business tower, which included free Internet!
  • We checked out the new glass floor at the Calgary Tower – it was mostly underwhelming (apparently that’s not a real word?).
  • We also checked out the Calgary Farmer’s Market, which was pretty cool! Lots of stuff to see, including Phil & Sebastian, where we tried coffee made using the Clover.
  • I got to use my iPod touch with open wireless to find directions using the Maps application!
  • It snowed like crazy on Saturday night in Calgary. I was hoping we’d escape the snow, but I guess we weren’t so lucky. I did get a few good pictures though.
  • We walked through Chinook Centre, but I only bought two shirts from Old Navy (not a big shopper, what can I say).
  • We stopped in Red Deer on the way back to see Tom & Bry. We had dinner at BP’s, and our waitress was pretty terrible. Either really new, or really dumb.
  • We didn’t go to Starbucks once, though we did drink lots of coffee. Crazy isn’t it?!
  • My photos of the trip are here.

It was fun! Dine Out Calgary will happen again next year, from March 9th to March 16th. Edmonton has one too.

8 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food! In Calgary!

  1. Hi Mack,

    My name is Richard Carramusa. I am the Franchisee for the Red Deer Boston Pizza stores.

    I was dissapointed to read your comments on your blog regarding your visit to one of our Red Deer locations.

    I was wondering if:

    1 – You could provide me with specific details about your experience

    2 – You and Sharon would allow us the opportunity to try and earn your business one more time.

    I take all facets of customer service very seriously. I would be grateful for another opportunity.

    You can reach me at or you may phone me direct at my office at 403-342-4330. I can arrange to have a gift letter sent your way to use next time you two are in Red Deer or just give me a hollar next time you plan on visiting and I’ll ensure we look after you.

    Kindest regards;

    Richard Carramusa
    Boston Pizza Red deer

  2. Hi Richard,

    First of all, let me say that I think it’s really cool you are so proactive in seeking out feedback on the web. If everyone cared as much as you do, we’d all be better off!

    I will send you an email detailing our experience. It wasn’t as horrible as my comment probably makes it seem, but it could have been better.

    Thanks very much for the comment!

  3. Do you, or anyone else know What happened to the Mediterranean Grill that used to be on Macloed Trail, right by chinook.

    It’s now some Prague Cafe

    I need my fix, best shawarma in the city!!!

  4. Notable in Montgomery is Awesome!! Probably the newest and best restaurant in western Canada. It is in Awesome Montgomery. Montgomery Triangle is Awesome!! Great new trendy restaurant in a beautiful riverside community.

  5. I miss galaxie diner. I used to live in the beltline in my single days. Now that I’m married I live in the suburbs…we have Cora, but it’s just not the same.
    They don’t have never ending hashbrowns!!

  6. ‘Twas a glorious meal indeed! Delectable!
    If you’re looking forward for Dine Out Calgary this year, you may try to check out our website for the daily listings of Calgary food and drink specials. Lots of restaurants and pubs are listed in our websites together with their specials for that day. Thanks!

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