Edmonton International Airport launches new brand

eia - we'll move you The Edmonton International Airport’s (EIA) new “we’ll move you” brand actually launched earlier this month on May 8th, but I didn’t see a commercial for it until this week. I haven’t had to fly anywhere either, so I’m not sure if the new brand is prominently displayed at the airport itself or not.

The new brand is meant to bring awareness to the fact that EIA is growing:

The new brand and airport expansion program reflect EIA’s shift from a small, regional airport to a medium-sized international airport serving Northwestern Canada. EIA is Canada’s fastest-growing major airport for two years in a row and now serves over six million passengers annually, a nearly 50 per cent increase in just three years.

The “we’ll move you” philosophy also underpins the $1.1-billion expansion program and current initiatives to incorporate industry-leading technologies, including common-use, self-serve check-in kiosks, Pay & Go parking stations, the expedited customs clearance program NEXUS and a host of others.

The expansion is expected to be completely by 2012 and should enable EIA to service nine million passengers annually. A key aspect to the expansion is a brand new control tower. Our airport is finally getting some food outlets too, including another Tim Horton’s and two Starbucks.

In addition to the branding, they’ve got a new URL: http://www.flyeia.com. It simply redirects to http://www.edmontonairports.com. Reminds me of Edmonton Transit’s http://www.takeets.com address, which I find far easier to remember than anything else.

I like the new logo and colors. Fresh and bright, the new design definitely makes EIA feel more modern than the old navy blue and red.

You can learn more about the changes happening at EIA here.

8 thoughts on “Edmonton International Airport launches new brand

  1. Didn’t see your post Rob, thanks for the link.

    I don’t think having “airport” in the name is vital. I mean, people refer to “JFK”, “Heathrow”, “La Guardia”, “O’Hare”, “LAX”, and dozens of other airports in much the same way.

    Granted, they are all much better than Edmonton.

  2. Interesting comparison below:

    Edmonton New Airport Expansion

    Budget = $1.1 Billion CAD
    Project = Terminal and parking lot expansion
    Timeframe = 4 years

    Beijing’s New International Airport

    Budget = $4.4 Billion US
    Project = Build the LARGEST brand new airport in the world. The airport is 4 KM wide
    Timeline = 2.5 years from dirt to opening in Apr 08.

    As fast or as stressful as we think Alberta economy is currently experiencing, we are only moving half as fast and half as stressed as China! Conclusion: We are not moving fast enough.

  3. Maybe… but they have 2-3 months of massive sandstorm each year.. The sand storm is amazing… If you go out, you are literally inhaling and injesting sand….

  4. Concluson: Alberta’s construction giants are taking everyone (Edmonton Airport’s, Local and Provincial Governments, etc) for a ride with their prices.

    $250 MILLION (a quarter of a BILLION) dollars for an intersection!?

    Anthony Henday South: “The whole southwest ring road, which includes 40 km of driving surface and a new bridge across the North Saskatchewan, cost $310 million.” That I can understand. It’s a huge project and it makes a huge difference. But charging almost the same for 1 intersection is stupid. They say it’s because of the “superheated” economy, but that can’t mean such a difference. Are construction workers now making triple what they did 5 years ago? No. Is the cost of materials triple what it was 5 years ago? No (and I know tha – I buy a lot of concrete, aggregates, etc. They’ve got up 50% or so, but not 300%).

    Someone is making a lot of money from this whole “superheated” economy. I’d imagine it’s the large construction companies (PCL, etc).


  5. “In April 2005, City Council approved funding for the interchange, with an estimated budget of $107 million.

    In May 2006 City Council was advised that the cost of the interchange had now grown to $125 million (in 2006 dollars based on 2006 construction prices). In April 2007, City Council was advised that the cost of the interchange had grown to $260 million”

    In two years, the cost went from $107m to $260m. Bull shit.

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