Washington DC Trip: Day 1

Yay we made it to DC! Sharon and I started our adventure early this morning, leaving Edmonton bright and early at 7 AM. It was a chilly morning back home, so we were definitely looking forward to some warmer temperatures in Washington. We flew through Toronto, and happily the flights were uneventful (though Sharon didn’t enjoy the turbulence on the small plane from Toronto to Dulles). We took a taxi from Dulles International into Washington, which was expensive but stress-free and somewhat relaxing. Our driver told us we were lucky as the traffic was relatively light.

We arrived late this afternoon at the George Washington University Inn, located in Foggy Bottom. The area is kind of like Old Strathcona, but with lots of walk-ups and much more greenery. Upon check-in, we were informed that we had been upgraded to a large suite for no extra charge – always a good way to start off! We took a quick nap, and set off for Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

George Washington University InnGeorge Washington University InnMack in GeorgetownGeorgetownOld Stone House

I used Google Maps to locate the nearest one, which turned out to be closed when we got there (as it was inside a food court of sorts). That was just as well, because it allowed us time to walk through Georgetown, eventually making our way to the location at 1335 Wisconsin Ave. We marveled at the little shops and cafes inside old houses along M street. It’s a little like Whyte Avenue with less traffic, more pedestrians, and much older buildings. We stopped at IceBerry, which serves frozen yoghurt (Sharon tells me the cold treat is really catching on in DC lately). We decided to share a small strawberry cup, with blackberries. It was good, but we both agreed it would have been better with strawberry chunks in it!

When we finally made it to Five Guys, we were both famished! There was an interesting mix of patrons inside the restaurant, including groups of young people and guys in suits. Sharon ordered a single cheeseburger, while I opted for the single bacon cheeseburger. We also split small Cajun fries. After a short wait, our order number was called out and we retrieved the brown paper bag containing our meal, grease stains already starting to seep through it. The burgers and fries really hit the spot, however! I particularly enjoyed the fries, which were not overly spicy. Sharon couldn’t resist filling a small tray with peanuts, and was happy that we had started our trip with a “dive”.

IceBerryFive Guys Burgers and FriesMack at Five GuysCheeseburger from Five GuysSharon at Five Guys

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel, stopping at Gap to get me a dress shirt (I packed dress pants, but totally forgot to pack a shirt to go with it) and Starbucks for a coffee. M street was definitely quieter after dark than it was earlier, though I suppose it is Monday. The busiest place seemed to be the Haagen-Dazs!

We walked quite a bit this evening, but nothing compared to the amount of ground we’re planning to cover tomorrow! You can see the rest of my photos here.

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