The Story Behind

The discussion about what to do with the City Centre Airport has largely been monopolized by the pro-Muni crowd. A majority of the speakers at last week’s public hearings were either in favor of the status quo or of expanding scheduled service at ECCA. I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise – supporters of the City Centre Airport have the most to lose in this debate. It makes sense that they would put time and money into making their positions known.

Increasingly, civic debate is happening digitally. To their credit, the Alberta Enterprise Group recognized this and very early on in the process launched (they’ve also been quite active on Twitter and Facebook, and there’s this site also). The site acts both as a hub for pro-Muni information and as a place to point to online if you support AEG’s stance on the airport (or simply wish to talk about it).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a similar website supporting the closure of the City Centre Airport. There are many articles, blog posts, forum messages, and tweets, but nothing that ties them together.

Today, that changes.

I’ve just launched I have two primary goals with the site. First, I want to ensure that facts and arguments in favor of closing the City Centre Airport can easily be found and shared. Second, I hope to encourage as many Edmontonians as possible to contact City Council to urge them to vote in favor of closure.

I’m not sure how much of an impact the site will have, especially considering we’re just a week away from a potential Council decision on the matter. That said, it didn’t take very long to create (as you can tell by the simple design) and I’m continually amazed at how quickly people can mobilize via the Internet. If you have feedback/suggestions for the site, let me know.

This doesn’t level the playing field, of course, but it’s something – anyone out there want to pay for some billboards?

Please contact your City Councillors to let them know what you think about the City Centre Airport. Feel free to use or reference the information posted at Finally, consider using the links, buttons, posters and other resources posted at the site to help spread the word to others.

Closing the City Centre Airport is a unique opportunity to improve our city in ways consistent with the City of Edmonton’s Strategic Plan. We must not let this opportunity go to waste.

Mayor Mandel and Councillors, the City Centre Airport is Not My Airport. Please close it.

10 thoughts on “The Story Behind

  1. Great job with the website, Mack. With only 7 days left before City Council votes on the ECCA, it’s more important than ever to get this side of the debate out!

  2. I refuse to be “fooled by the arguments against closure.” I will not be manipulated by these shady characters with their evil agendas. Thank you for telling me that “the only rational, responsible course of action is to close the City Centre Airport”–now I don’t have to do any thinking for myself! What a time saver!

  3. I shouldn’t laugh, but the image that last one conjures up is pretty priceless. 🙂

    Well done on the campaigning, though I feel it was in the bag before “the Twitter” got going.

  4. So to all the people that wish for the Muni to close. I invite you to travel to the Northern areas of our Province. We have beutiful scenary, wildlife everywhere, and thanks to Alberta health cutbacks a lack of Regional Health Services. When you do come “up North” I hope you do not get into a horrible car accident and have to be air lifted out … probably to Calgary, because there is no point in putting health services in an area that they can’t service. So eventually the U of A will be a secondary school to U of C. The Roayl Alex, well it may as well be a “local” Hospital because with out the airport it is going to lose its emergency pressure and put it someplace else. So to all you that wish to close “OUR” airport. Thanks for thinking of your friends, neibours, and visitors to the North of you. How about looking at how many flights into the Muni are for medical purpose. How about thinking of others instead of just thinking about your back pockets. I hope the people of of Edmonton realize come next October that Steven Mandel is an arrogant…. and make 2010 his last term.

  5. I have no idea what your motivation is for this moronic website, but i am sure that all of the 247 followers of your “work” are very proud of you for trying so hard to sound like you have even the slightest clue what you are talking about.   Stay in school kids, or you might end up like this idiot, forming opinions based on what will stir controversy

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