Notes for 9/7/2009

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Here are my weekly notes:

One thought on “Notes for 9/7/2009

  1. The reality is that Jay’s new show is his old show in a new slot, or at least that’s what NBC is relying on for initial ratings – they can’t be kidding themselves that Jay will do something widely different (and the announcements to-date don’t suggest differently with any significance). I’ll still watch CSI:NY, The Mentalist, etc. and care more if I miss one of those than if I miss any ‘late-show’ episode.

    ‘Network’ television is an aging business format, and I’d like to know how many people watch it over cable/satelite media now. To me, it feels like the Networks are hanging on for dear life and it will only take one other major disruption (like the writers’ strike which was curiously inclued issues about real new media royalties) to pull them into the ooze.

    By ooze I mean the larger set of channels which is harder to navigate without modern tools. As someone coming from the UK, I can say that the US has long been viewed as the country of 100s of channels compared to the UK’s 4 (before UK satelite/cable took hold). The reality is that the US really only has the 4 major networks, and it makes life easy to just pick 1 of 4 (or record no more than 4 šŸ˜‰ ). It may be nice to keep it that simple, while trickling in the odd show from a niche channel. Sheep like direction – you have to herd them together to maximise the juice.

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