Edmonton Notes for 9/22/2013

Here are my weekly Edmonton notes:

Edmonton LRT Station
Bay/Enterprise Square LRT Station, by Michael Chu

Here are some upcoming events:

E-Town Festival 2013
Guy Kawasaki with an Oilers jersey at E-Town

To help kick-off EIFF, I have a prize package to give away! To have a shot at winning two all-access passes and a gift basket, a prize valued at more than $260, simply leave a comment below with your favorite movie by 11:59 PM on Tuesday. I will randomly choose a winner and contact you on Wednesday. Good luck!

  • contessabessa

    We have to pick ONE favourite movie? That’s cruel! But I’m going to say “Red Road,” written and directed by the brilliant Andrea Arnold.

  • Ali Grotkowski

    Favorite movie is a toss up between several options, but I’m going to go with Where the Heart Is.

  • Joveena

    Agreed, that’s a tough question. I’m going with ‘Bridges of Madison County’ w/ Clint Eastwood

    • Joveena

      BTW – I’d be happy with one pass & no gift basket, I’m easy to please. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • kim barrett

    My favorite movie is jaws. Would love to win this thanks for the contest

  • Adam

    The Passion of Joan of Arc

  • Diane

    Only one favorite movie – that’s so difficult! But I’m going to go with Jurassic Park.

  • Chris

    Favourite movie is The Departed.

  • Tamara

    My favourite movie is Slumdog Millionaire.

  • Karen

    Shawshank Redemption! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  • christine

    favourite movie is the usual suspects

  • Stephanie La-La

    My favourite movie is PINA…absolutely exquisite.

  • emmys

    I think my all-time favourite movie is Amadeus. I remember watching it as a child, when it first came out and I was enthralled by the kooky personality and genius of Mozart and of course the music, costumes and historical references. Since then, I find I watch it almost annually… for some reason, I never tire of it!! (But I am a major movie lover – of all genres – and love “suspending my disbelief” and being swept away in a great story!!)

  • zemballa

    Hmm, that’s a crazy question but I’ll say Whale Rider

  • Chad Langager

    My favorite movie has to be Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”, which is an amazing black comedy about nuclear proliferation.

  • suzanne dennis

    ooo-i’d love to win this!
    my fav movie: ‘they shoot horses don’t they’
    an oldie but goodie! 1969!!!! dont even know when/where i saw it but it was long after that – still comes to mind often!
    cheers and thanks for the opportunity
    su 🙂

  • Stuart Kehrig

    The Godfather. Still the best.

  • Back to the Future!

  • So great to hear all your favorites, thanks for sharing! The random name was drawn and Suzanne Dennis is the winner – congrats!

    • suzanne dennis

      thanks again mack!
      just heading out for my first film-full day today–
      these passes will put to good use by myself and others
      su 🙂
      how many movies is too many movies in one day