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New MSN Pictures!

Yes that’s right, instead of working on homework, I created some new MSN Pictures! Check them out in the gallery. For those of you keeping track, the new ones are, in no particular order: .NET Fan, Java Fan, Trading Spaces, Unhappy, Blogosphere red/white, Linux, Jaded, Sleepy, Hockey Night in Canada, and SuSE 9. Enjoy!

Power Failure

There was a power failure in a few parts of the southside this afternoon (my area, Nisku, etc) so the servers were down for about 2 hours. Everything is back up and running now! Funny how things work fine at minus 40, but at minus 5 and some snow, and everything shuts down! Apparently Shaw… Reads more »

Megan is blogging!

It seems that another person has come out from hiding with their blog. Check out Megan’s blog at I think its great people are blogging…but where are the feeds?! I really get annoyed with blogs that don’t have RSS or Atom feeds…thats like having a book without the binding – you can read it,… Reads more »