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Nothing but C# for me!

One of the classes I am taking this semester is CMPUT 379 entitled “Operating System Concepts”. Our first programming assignment is to create “scpshell”, essentially a secure version of FTP. We are to program it in C, and make use of existing assemblies like ssh and scp. While the assignment isn’t all that hard, I… Reads more »

MSN Messenger Pictures

Looks like I have been getting quite a few hits for my MSN Pictures gallery, so I just wanted to clarify that they are for MSN Messenger 6 or later. Older versions don’t have what Messenger calls “display pictures”. You can download MSN Messenger 6 at and you can see my gallery of pictures here.


So have you heard of the NET SEND kid? Well read this page hosted on his parent’s website that explains the situation. I gotta say, his school is pretty messed up. Sounds eerily similar to something I might have done in school!

Upgraded to 0.95

Well I finally got around to upgrading to .Text 0.95 tonite. I tried just after Scott released it, but ran into problems and didnt try again until just now. Looks like everything is working smoothly! Except that I can’t seem to get w.bloggar to open up my blog…

Virtual PC 2004

I talked before about how I was now triple booting my machine. Well today I came across Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004, and I must say it is quite amazing. I used the software when it was still called Connectix at TechEd Europe this past summer, but I didnt really get a chance to mess with… Reads more »

Triple Booting!

A couple of days ago I successfully installed Windows Longhorn 4051, also known as the PDC build. I previously dual booted Windows XP Professional and Mandrake Linux 9.2, but with Novell purchasing both Ximian and SuSE, I decided to switch to SuSE 9. So today I got it installed with GRUB as my bootloader. I… Reads more »

RSS Bandit!

Previously I had been waiting until major releases of RSS Bandit were announced before upgrading. My installation went awry recently however, so I ended up uninstalling, downloading a nightly build version, and reinstalling. Boy was I glad I did! Some of the coolest features about this feed aggregator are the ability to skin feed items,… Reads more »