Corporate America Destroying Wireless Everywhere

If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I am a big fan of wireless everywhere. I think it is an inevitability. Anyway, the city of Philadelphia was considering launching a city-wide WiFi service, fully funded. Great idea, but according to Lawrence Lessig, it might not go ahead: But as Public Knowledge now reports, … Continue reading Corporate America Destroying Wireless Everywhere

Rogers Wireless fetches Fido

This afternoon it was announced that enough Microcell Telecommunications (who market under the brand name Fido) shareholders tendered to the takeover offer from Rogers Wireless to allow Rogers to claim victory. Rogers Wireless will now become the largest wireless carrier in Canada, with 5.5 million customers, thanks to the $1.4 billion takeover. Telus had also … Continue reading Rogers Wireless fetches Fido

Private Wireless banned at University of Texas at Dallas

I dunno, about you, but I think this is a dumb policy. The University of Texas at Dallas has decided that their students will not be allowed to have their own wireless access points on campus; instead they must use only the campus-wide wireless network. Its like telling students they cannot use 2.4 GHz wireless … Continue reading Private Wireless banned at University of Texas at Dallas