Holy Snow Batman!

Just got home from watching The Punisher with Megan. It was a pretty good movie, I must say. I enjoyed it, even though it was quite gory in places. Megan said it quite well when she said “it raises the bar for comic book movies.” Then again, she doesn’t think Spiderman 2 is gonna rock, and I think its gonna kick butt! And apparently (according to Megan) the main character guy is hot.

Earlier today it was like 19 degrees, pretty nice out. When we went into the movie, it was still quite nice, if a little windy. After the movie however, insanity! Blowing slush, cold, windy, just plain nasty! Summer where are you?!

Farewell Paddle!

Tonight was Ashish‘s going away dinner and get together (you might remember, he’s the hardworking, never sleeping, genius guy that got the job with IBM). Dinner was at Boun Thai downtown, and it was very good. I have a new favorite rice – coconut rice!

After dinner was some Playdium action (before they shut their doors) and then we went to see Van Helsing. The movie had lots of action which was good considering the storyline was quite a cheesefest. It’s quite amazing (or sad?) how they managed to fit so many characters into the same script. It wasn’t bad though!

I know you’ll have fun in your suite in Toronto, working for Big Blue, but I wish you luck Ashish! Have fun, but make sure you come back 🙂 You can see some pictures of tonight here.

Now for some sleep before recording our second Blogosphere Radio episode tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Just a quick post to wish my brother a very happy birthday! I can’t believe he is already 17, though I guess it makes sense as he has earned himself nicknames like “cassanova”. Hope you enjoy your day Tom!

Actually I guess I don’t really have to hope that you do, I know you will (read my post from yesterday). Speaking of the school’s roof collapsing, here are some more photos (some from inside): Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6.

Inuvik's High School Roof Collapses!!!

So this morning my brother signs into MSN and I noticed his name was “THEOUTSIDER7 (School Roof Collapsing a Birthday Present From the Gods???)” and I didn’t think much of it. Thought it was just Tom making a wish for his birthday tomorrow, kinda funny.

Then at 10:11 AM this morning an email comes in from my dad with this picture. The roof really did collapse!! Haha I still can’t believe it! I mean the place is extremely old, and snow is extremely heavy, but still!

As far as I know it happened before anyone was there, so no one was hurt. All the kids are happy at least, no school for a few days until alternate arrangements are made I suppose!

Blogosphere Radio Goes Live!

I am very happy to announce that Blogosphere Radio is now live! You can stream or download our first episode, so check it out and let me know what you think!

We are looking forward to some more interesting shows in the coming weeks, so if you would like to be a guest host, or be interviewed, or even host your OWN show, send me a message on MSN or email.

Good Riddance April!

I am more than happy to welcome the month of May! Gone are the days of snow, cold or uncertain weather, final exams, project marks, losing programming competitions, taxes, year end, etc. May will be a much happier month indeed!

Hello to the wonderful month of May! Many good things to come I predict, the first of which will be created Saturday, May 1st. Stay tuned to my blog and Blogosphere.ca for updates 🙂

MSN Messenger 6.2

I downloaded and installed Messenger 6.2 yesterday, and its kinda neat so far. I noticed it hasn’t come up as an update on my other MSN installations, so download it yourself at http://messenger.msn.com. Here are the new features I have noticed:

  • Emoticons appear as pictures in your edit box now (immediately after you type one), not only in the messages box.
  • There is a new default group if you sort your contacts by Online/Offline called Mobile. I like how the members of this group appear in gold 🙂
  • Instead of “Launch Site” you now have “Fun & Games”. Doesn’t look like any new games however.

So those are the most noticable things. If you use MsgPlus you’ll need to get the latest update too. I also found http://ilovemessenger.msn.com where you can download emoticons, display pictures and backgrounds. I still like my pictures better 🙂