Good Riddance April!

I am more than happy to welcome the month of May! Gone are the days of snow, cold or uncertain weather, final exams, project marks, losing programming competitions, taxes, year end, etc. May will be a much happier month indeed!

Hello to the wonderful month of May! Many good things to come I predict, the first of which will be created Saturday, May 1st. Stay tuned to my blog and for updates 🙂

MSN Messenger 6.2

I downloaded and installed Messenger 6.2 yesterday, and its kinda neat so far. I noticed it hasn’t come up as an update on my other MSN installations, so download it yourself at Here are the new features I have noticed:

  • Emoticons appear as pictures in your edit box now (immediately after you type one), not only in the messages box.
  • There is a new default group if you sort your contacts by Online/Offline called Mobile. I like how the members of this group appear in gold 🙂
  • Instead of “Launch Site” you now have “Fun & Games”. Doesn’t look like any new games however.

So those are the most noticable things. If you use MsgPlus you’ll need to get the latest update too. I also found where you can download emoticons, display pictures and backgrounds. I still like my pictures better 🙂

Another Failure :(

Well not only are marks coming in, but we found out more bad news today. Our team lost the Imagine Cup. In fact, we didn’t even finish in the top three. So it is disappointing, even though we knew we didn’t have as much working as would have been ideal. The frustrating part is that we think the idea is awesome, and in the worlds, its all about idea and presentation. That is, of course, unless they do some wildly different judging scheme (which is unlikely considering the Canadian was quite similar).

Having said all that and having finished my rum and coke, I wish to repeat on this blog what I said earlier – and that’s congratulations to the winners! A fellow Student Ambassador at the University of Victoria led his team to victory, congrats Mike! There was a lot of great entries this year so I think it’s fair to say it was more competitive than last year. In any case, we’ll be ready for Imagine Cup 2005, so watch out!

And don’t think this means no more crazy programming ideas from myself or myself and Dickson or whoever. We’ll still bring it, we always do 🙂

Taxes anyone?

Went for coffee with Sharon tonight (who still doesn’t blog) to Starbucks. Nothing beats Starbucks, nothing. While coffee was good (and I borrowed the Sarah McLachlan CD to rip) I can’t help but feel that I am just putting off doing my taxes…

Who invented such a dumb thing anyways! We need to write software to automate it! Added to the ever growing list…

Man On Fire

Went to see Man on Fire with Dickson, Andrew, Joe and Nick last night at North Edmonton. The movie was really great, Denzel was like he was in Training Day, except this time he’s a good guy. Slow in places but overall a very well told story. And Dakota Fanning continues to impress – I wonder if she has an older sister? LOL!

After the movie we went to BP’s where we closed out the lounge. Nothing beats Cactus Cut Potatoes and Chicken Fingers and fries!

Need sleep? Weak!

Yes that’s right, sleep is for the weak! I went to sleep at around 9:30 this morning…for the first time! Yep another all nighter, and I woke up around 5 this afternoon. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish if you don’t sleep.

What was I working on? Various projects, for example you can now see our DotNetWizards XOP site in all of its glory! Check it out, and when you have questions (as I am sure you will) msg me and I can explain a little better. Information on the site is somewhat sparse as our entry is being judged this week, so we don’t want to give too much away.

It was quite warm out today too, 24 degrees, but I was sleeping so I missed it 🙂

Exams are over!

The last two days have been very busy! Yesterday was some good times at the plant with Dickson, Andrew and Greg, and then pool and fooseball. I owned at the former, sucked at the latter. Then last night we had a dinner at Boston Pizza for Megan’s birthday which was a lot of fun. There was quite a few people there, and it was nice to see everyone together – it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. Oh and for the record, the communists lost.

Today was YiLi’s BBQ at whorelack park. Fortunately the weather stayed nice long enough for some baseball and food 🙂 I learned very quickly that it is Springtime – need to take my Claritin with me!

William Hung Album Downloaded!

So tonight I downloaded the William Hung album entitled “Inspiration” just for kicks. I wasn’t sure if I would consider the download worth it, but after listening to a couple songs, the power of this comedy is overwhelming I have decided that it is definitely worth it!

On the other hand my ears are bleeding from this song, so horribly, terribly, bad…and you can’t help but laugh!

[Listening to: I Believe I Can Fly – William Hung – Inspiration (04:45)]