The Offical Splogging Guide

So you’ve read all about splogging and now you want to splog someone yourself! Well follow the simple steps in this guide and you’ll be splogging in no time!

  1. Select a victim

    The first step in any successful splogging campaign is to select a viable target. Ideal candidates are frequent bloggers, who receive email comments on their blog, and who don’t already have 100 comments on an average post. Even better candidates are people you don’t particularly like or at least someone you like to annoy or otherwise get a rise out of.

  2. Select your co-sploggers

    You cannot splog alone. Well you can, but it’s much less interesting and effective. Step two is to select one, or preferrably two, co-sploggers to assist you in your campaign. Steer clear of anyone who may grow a conscience in the middle of your attack. Ideal candidates are able to come up with something funny on the fly, adjust well to adversity, and obviously who share your dislike or desire to annoy the selected victim.

  3. Plan the attack

    No war has been won without careful planning. To launch a successful splogging attack you must complete step three, and make your plans. Things to prepare in advance are the time to start, the post to splog, and the content (or at least the initial content) for your splogging attack. You should also plan either a comment count or an end time for the attack.

  4. Launch the attack

    Obviously you must launch the attack to be successful at splogging! During the launch you should execute well on your plan and come up with new angles and topics on the fly. The best splogging attack comes from something that a splogger comes up with on the fly during the attack.

  5. Follow up

    A step which might be overlooked is to follow up on the attack! A splogging attack will always be more successful when the sploggers themselves publicly brag about the event, on their own blogs or on some other Internet community type site. A super splogging attack is when the victim finds out by reading a sploggers blog before checking their email or their own blog!

If you follow these simple steps, your splogging attack will be a success and we can add another victim to the ever growing list! Good luck!

Splogging Defined

Now that splogging has made it into the dictionary at PseudoDictionary, I figured I should create a special post for information regarding the word.


The word “splogging” was created on April 14th, 2004 at 9:16 PM MST. The actual splogging began at 1:27 PM MST that same day on Jeanie’s post entitled “Utility Programs” which can be found at The original post announcing the creation of the word can be found at


You can read the official dictionary entry and definition at PseudoDictionary:


The word splogging can be used in the following forms:

noun. splogging, splog – Mack practices the fine art of splogging. That last attack was the best splog ever!
verb. splog, splogged, splogging – Dickson likes to splog people! Looks like Jeanie got splogged again! Chu is splogging!


Splogging is a cross between the terms “blogging” and “spam”. Making a post on your weblog or perhaps even reading other blogs is commonly referred to as blogging. And spam as I am sure you are aware is that annoying email that is either unsolicited, repeated, or both. Splogging then is the unsoliticed, repeated, or both, type of comments found on a blog post. The link above provides an excellent example.


I suppose the term splogging could be expanded in the future to refer to inserting the types of posts in a blog that are strictly advertising. As people increasingly read news and other websites in feed aggregators, a new form of advertising will inevitable have to emerge, and that might include inserting advertisement posts into a feed.


Tonight was all Greek to me! I went to see Troy with Andrew, and his friends Will, and Renee. While the critics didn’t particularly like the movie, I thought it was excellent, and here’s why (I suppose the following will contain spoilers, but its not like the story has never been told or anything, so read on at your own will).

First of all, the movie was quite long with a running time of 163 minutes. To be honest though, I didn’t even notice the length during the movie. In fact, I think the length was perfect as you really developed a relationship with the characters early on in the movie – so you felt it more when they died later on. And you really hope the bad guys get killed and the good guys succeed, the movie does a great job of making you feel it!

Yes don’t be surprised, almost everyone dies in this movie. Before I saw it, I was hoping that Eric Bana would die as I didn’t think he was exceptional by any means in The Hulk. Well he more than redeemed himself in this movie playing Hector, the eldest Prince of Troy. I thought he did a great job – and yes he dies, though by the time it happened I was hoping he’d live.

While I didn’t particularly like his cowardly character (and it was cowardly from start to finish), Orlando Bloom gave another great performance. He will be a true star one day if he could only put down the bow and arrow! Fortunately we will see him do this in Elizabethtown next year with Kirsten Dunst.

Bloom plays Paris who steals Helen away from Menelaus, a Greek king, and in the process gives the Greeks a reason to attack Troy. Helen is played by an actress by the name of Diane Kruger. All I can say is, why haven’t we seen her before! She is beautiful, with the same strikingly attractive type face as Liv Tyler. She just draws you in with her eyes.

Of course, this movie is all about Brad Pitt. No question he is the star of this movie, and he gives a wonderful performance. You really become attached to and enthralled by his character, Achilles. And ladies he does not disappoint as he looks super buff in the movie! This has to be a defining role for Pitt, a character with incredible strength and like any hero, a weakness. And he portrays both superbly.

The battle scenes reminded me of LOTR if only for their scale. The sets and costumes looked very real and appropriate, and the Greek mythology was nicely thrown in (except that the Greeks almost never mention it in the movie, the Trojans do). Also, it was refreshing to see a movie with war strategy that actually seems realistic (being in range of the deadly archers and the importance of Troy’s walls). I have heard some people say that this movie is better than Gladiator, and while I do not agree, I do think it was an excellent movie, one you do not want to miss.

The people who claimed Van Helsing was the beginning of the summer movie season were horribly wrong, as it pales in comparison. Troy is the epic to start your summer!

the plastics!

Saw Mean Girls tonight with Inge, interesting movie! Yes it has the teeny bopper stuff, yes it has girl wants boy, yes it has catfights, but it was rather funny and well written like Andrew said. I can’t figure out why all the high schools in these movies have cafeterias that EVERYONE eats at. Maybe its an American thing.

Oh yes and as for jailbait, Lindsay rocks!

REVIEW: Avril Lavigne's new album "Under My Skin"

Yesterday I acquired the new Avril Lavigne album entitled “Under My Skin” so I figured I should post some thoughts and opinions. First off let me say that the album won’t be released until May 25th, and you can preorder it here.

I really like the new album, it sounds great in my opinion. Granted I think it has far fewer radio-friendly tracks and that is probably a good thing as Avril transitions from singer to songwriter (yes I know she didnt write all the songs on the new album either). I would describe the overall sound as edgier than her last compilation. You can definitely hear the influences from the various producers she worked with like OLP’s Raine Maida and his wife Chantal Kreviazuk.

Aside from the heavily played “Don’t Tell Me” which I really like, my favorite songs are “Take Me Away”, “Freak Out”, “Forgotton”, and “Nobody’s Home”. I must have the Japanese release, as it includes the bonus tracks “I Always Get What I Want” and a live acoustic version of “Nobody’s Home”, both of which are pretty good.

Overall I don’t think the album will become as popular as her first one, “Let Go”, but really, what could after “Complicated”! However, if you like Avril you will definitely like this album. I’m glad she hasn’t been Britney-ized!

I am technosexual

Our good friend Sharon (ahem) sent me a link on messenger today to The Word Spy defining the term “technosexual“. Apparently this term is the “new word of the week” to replace familiar terms like geek, nerd, techie, etc.

They go on to list the earliest citation of the word on March 8th, 2004, so it is definitely new. From what I gather, the term is supposed to be the opposite of metrosexual. Here is a good description:

“With metrosexuality, it’s about style, fashion, culture, and grooming for the straight male. A metrosexual man may be seen at an NBA game one night and an art gallery opening the next,” says Ricky Montalvo, the man who wants to take technosexuals mainstream. “We take it one step further by adding technology. A technosexual man may not need to go to the NBA game because he can get highlights and scores via SMS or by browsing the web on his PDA while at the art gallery.”
—Katharine Miller, “Enter the Technosexual,” AlterNet, March 8, 2004

Somehow that makes it sound powerful doesn’t it? “We take it one step further…”


Have you ever downloaded something by an artist only to find that A) you loved it and B) the artist has only released one album? You love the music and wish there was more of it! As you know, I have a lot of music, and this has happened to me. It would be nice if I could find other artists similar to the new artist I just found.

Today I stumbled upon a wonderful site called musicplasma: the music visual search engine. Enter an artist of your choice, and it generates a visual map of artists that are similar! Very cool site and a very unique way to search!