Religious Debates Abound!

There are some really thought provoking and interesting religious debates taking place amongst a few of my friends in the Blogosphere. Check them out – here are the two most active threads:

  • Jane’s Post – lots of interesting stuff about science and religion

  • My Old Passion Post – this one has a record setting (at least as far as I am concerned) 23 comments already. Lots of interesting religion-related comments here!

I haven’t participated too much lately, partly due to lack of time, and partly because we are all stubborn 🙂

Oilers set NHL record – but its not good!

Yes the Edmonton Oilers have set a National Hockey League record for seven consecutive overtime games. Unfortunately, we need two points from every game to make the playoffs! One just isnt good enough!

For more information and a recap of tonight’s game, check out Sports Guru.

I still hold out hope for the Oilers, its not over until the fat lady sings!

Note To Self: Watch Girl Next Door on Big Screen!

Tonight I “previewed” The Girl Next Door courtesy of our good friends, Bit Torrent. I am definitely going to have to go watch this on the big screen now. AWESOME MOVIE!

So to the movie and music industries of the world, I have just proven that downloading your products for free really can help your sales! Would I have seen this movie in the theater had I not been able to determine if it was worth my $14? Maybe, but maybe not! Its akin to not allowing customers to take a test drive of the new lineup at the car dealership.

On a more serious note, ELISHA CUTHBERT IS BLOODY HOT!

MVP Global Summit

Tonight I confirmed my registration for the 2004 MVP Global Summit taking place April 4-7 in Seattle. This is one of those cannot miss opportunities! I am quite excited about it, the topics look quite interesting. And of course, you can’t miss a networking or professional development event 😉

I will be making most of my posts related to the trip at MasterMaq.NET.

Do blogs = pot?

Well tonight I was once again trying to entice Sharon into blogging. I explained to her that it would only take 30 seconds to set it up, and 30 seconds to make a quick “Hello World!” post. Here is what she said to that:

That’d be like giving pot to an unsuspecting 13 year old…all it takes is that one drag…

I agree blogging is addicting, but I don’t think its THAT potent! One day she will blog…it’s only a matter of time…

UAMC Concert Last Night!

Last night was the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus concert, and I went with Dickson, Andrew, Joe, Nick, Lisa and Dave to watch Megan and Mike (or listen haha). The concert was really good, and I feel like a regular after attending for three consecutive years! Maybe I should win an award or something. The concert was at the wonderful Winspear center, where you can hear a pin drop.

After the concert we went to Boston Pizza with some of the choir people for some late eats and drinks. Good times, good times. And let me just point out for the record that we drank to Mack TWICE (or was it three times?), and drank to Nick, only once. Better luck next time! Maybe if you had a blog! HAHA!

Ferrari Owns Australia!

Well if the first race is any indication of the rest of the season, its going to be a long one if you aren’t a fan of Michael Schumacher or Ferrari. They gave a totally dominating performance this weekend, with Schumi and Rubens Barrichelo finishing first and second, and setting new lap records in every session.

I look forward to the rest of the season!

Another round of MSN Pictures!

Yes boys and girls, it was time for a few new pictures. The only custom request in this set is “Exploding Head” or Frustrated which was created for Megan. I rather like it!

The other new images are part of my “emotion series” and include a new Happy and Unhappy, Delirious, Confused, and Indifferent. I also updated Jaded and Sleepy (less glow effect, looks better in MSN).

UPDATE: To see my display pictures, click here.