I am technosexual

Our good friend Sharon (ahem) sent me a link on messenger today to The Word Spy defining the term “technosexual“. Apparently this term is the “new word of the week” to replace familiar terms like geek, nerd, techie, etc.

They go on to list the earliest citation of the word on March 8th, 2004, so it is definitely new. From what I gather, the term is supposed to be the opposite of metrosexual. Here is a good description:

“With metrosexuality, it’s about style, fashion, culture, and grooming for the straight male. A metrosexual man may be seen at an NBA game one night and an art gallery opening the next,” says Ricky Montalvo, the man who wants to take technosexuals mainstream. “We take it one step further by adding technology. A technosexual man may not need to go to the NBA game because he can get highlights and scores via SMS or by browsing the web on his PDA while at the art gallery.”
—Katharine Miller, “Enter the Technosexual,” AlterNet, March 8, 2004

Somehow that makes it sound powerful doesn’t it? “We take it one step further…”


Have you ever downloaded something by an artist only to find that A) you loved it and B) the artist has only released one album? You love the music and wish there was more of it! As you know, I have a lot of music, and this has happened to me. It would be nice if I could find other artists similar to the new artist I just found.

Today I stumbled upon a wonderful site called musicplasma: the music visual search engine. Enter an artist of your choice, and it generates a visual map of artists that are similar! Very cool site and a very unique way to search!

Jesus caught in the act!

I realize that I haven’t really posted anything lately that is NOT about somewhere I went or something I have done. How selfish of me hey? In any case, I started reading blogs again recently (took a bit of a break) and I came across this post which says that God hates programmers. And he makes a good case for it, linking to this page.

Now look closely at the pictures on the second link. Notice how Jesus is in all of them? With the cook, the carpet-layer, etc. Now notice where he is positioned? He is always RIGHT BEHIND the person! Kinda freaky if you ask me, didn’t know he was into that sort of thing! I bet those poor people don’t even know they are about to be raped from behind.

And how on earth can CARPET-LAYER appear on that page but not programmer, or lawyer, etc?! Even clown makes the list, I mean seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Holy Snow Batman!

Just got home from watching The Punisher with Megan. It was a pretty good movie, I must say. I enjoyed it, even though it was quite gory in places. Megan said it quite well when she said “it raises the bar for comic book movies.” Then again, she doesn’t think Spiderman 2 is gonna rock, and I think its gonna kick butt! And apparently (according to Megan) the main character guy is hot.

Earlier today it was like 19 degrees, pretty nice out. When we went into the movie, it was still quite nice, if a little windy. After the movie however, insanity! Blowing slush, cold, windy, just plain nasty! Summer where are you?!

Farewell Paddle!

Tonight was Ashish‘s going away dinner and get together (you might remember, he’s the hardworking, never sleeping, genius guy that got the job with IBM). Dinner was at Boun Thai downtown, and it was very good. I have a new favorite rice – coconut rice!

After dinner was some Playdium action (before they shut their doors) and then we went to see Van Helsing. The movie had lots of action which was good considering the storyline was quite a cheesefest. It’s quite amazing (or sad?) how they managed to fit so many characters into the same script. It wasn’t bad though!

I know you’ll have fun in your suite in Toronto, working for Big Blue, but I wish you luck Ashish! Have fun, but make sure you come back 🙂 You can see some pictures of tonight here.

Now for some sleep before recording our second Blogosphere Radio episode tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Just a quick post to wish my brother a very happy birthday! I can’t believe he is already 17, though I guess it makes sense as he has earned himself nicknames like “cassanova”. Hope you enjoy your day Tom!

Actually I guess I don’t really have to hope that you do, I know you will (read my post from yesterday). Speaking of the school’s roof collapsing, here are some more photos (some from inside): Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6.

Inuvik's High School Roof Collapses!!!

So this morning my brother signs into MSN and I noticed his name was “THEOUTSIDER7 (School Roof Collapsing a Birthday Present From the Gods???)” and I didn’t think much of it. Thought it was just Tom making a wish for his birthday tomorrow, kinda funny.

Then at 10:11 AM this morning an email comes in from my dad with this picture. The roof really did collapse!! Haha I still can’t believe it! I mean the place is extremely old, and snow is extremely heavy, but still!

As far as I know it happened before anyone was there, so no one was hurt. All the kids are happy at least, no school for a few days until alternate arrangements are made I suppose!