is coming…

Anyone remember the email Dickson and I sent out last week looking for names for a potential blogging site? No? Well you should read your email more frequently!

Anyways, we have decided on a name. We are going to be bringing you very soon! If you would like a blog at this new site, just email me or Dickson and we can hook you up. Don’t be left out, join the blogosphere!

For anyone who cares…we will be using .Text as the blogging engine, so the most common blog features are supported, like RSS feeds, permalinks, comments, trackbacks, etc. Couple of examples, my blog, Dickson’s blog, and .NET Wizards Blogs are all running on .Text. will be quite similar to the .NET Wizards Blogs.

Megan is blogging!

It seems that another person has come out from hiding with their blog. Check out Megan’s blog at I think its great people are blogging…but where are the feeds?! I really get annoyed with blogs that don’t have RSS or Atom feeds…thats like having a book without the binding – you can read it, but its a lot more troublesome!

How evil is your site?

Have you ever wondered, “how evil is my website?” No? Well you should! Here is an interesting little tool that will tell you just how evil (or good) a particular website or piece of text is. Meet, The Gematriculator.

A couple of quick tests show that Google is 46% evil, Microsoft is 50% evil, Apple is 23% evil, Disney is 23% evil, and who would have guessed, is only 22% evil! Also interesting to note, the entry page for our government’s site ( is NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT EVIL! HAHA!

Also, my blog is only slightly less evil than Dickson’s at 33% compared to his 40%.

Reading Week Almost Over

Yes it’s true, sad but true. Reading week is nearing its end. I really did not accomplish as much as I wanted to, but what else is new? Good game of Axis and Allies on Friday with Inge, Nick, Joe, Mike and Megan. I was also introduced to “Striperella” – my god TV is messed up these days! Well, only about 36 hours left, what shall I do?


In other news, the Edmonton Oilers better win tonight against Vancouver!

[Listening to: How About You – Staind – 14 Shades of Grey (03:59)]

Blogging Site Idea! Feedback needed!

Hi there!

We are writing to tell you about a project we are planning and want you to be a part of! We want to create a cool place to have a blog. Not sure what a blog is? You can take a look at ours for an example:

Dickson –
Mack –

You can post whatever you want! Topics of discussion, a diary, whatever you want, its up to you! Nothing is censored!

Now whats that you say? We’re crazy, there is already places like Yes we know, but are they cool? Are they run by your friends? Can you ask to change something if required? Nope! And thats what we want to create! A cool friendly place for you to blog.

So here’s the plan:

1) We buy the domain and host the blogs
2) You give us your username and we setup your blog (takes around 10 seconds)
3) You blog at will!

All we need from you is help picking a name! Here are some ideas we have had so far:

Have a suggestion for a name? Let us know! Think we are crazy and this isn’t something you would do? Let us know!

And most importantly, this site will be free for you to use!


Mack & Dickson