This message is for…

Post ImageBillie Joe Armstrong, who said:

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Well, it’s now October, so wake up!

If you’ve seen the video for that song, you know how intense it is. So intense that the first couple times I saw it, I didn’t realize there was a fourth guy on stage with Green Day. Naturally, I started to wonder who it could be, and I found the answer on Wikipedia:

Jason White from the Lookout! band Pinhead Gunpowder has been touring with Green Day since their “Warning” tour in 2000. He plays second guitar on songs from that album and ‘American Idiot’. He is a very close friend of the band for years and is co-founder of Adeline Records with Billie Joe. While making Warning: Green Day used him to help them in the studio.

In 2005 White played with Green Day in their video, “Wake Me Up When September Ends“—the first time that any musician outside the trio appeared as a performer in a Green Day video. He can also be seen in the “When I Come Around” video (making out with a girl next to a car in front of a pig). White was also seen with Green Day on Saturday Night Live during their guest performance in 2005.

Amazing what you can find on the ‘net if you only just look.

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