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Amazon Web Services Growth released their fourth quarter and year end (2006) financials today, and tucked away inside the press release was a little information on how their relatively new Web Services division is doing: Over 220,000 developers have registered to use Amazon Web Services, up greater than 55% year-over-year. Unfortunately – and this is often the case… Reads more »

Make the music free and sell the show

Chris Anderson’s post today at The Long Tail is about the music industry and provides a really good analysis of what should be happening with music. Essentially, bands should give the music away for free and make their money on live shows. He explains: Music as a digital product enjoys near-zero costs of production and… Reads more »

A Lesson From 2006

Looking back I’d say I learned a lot in the last year. I guess that’s not surprising, as the saying “you learn something new every day” is usually pretty accurate. With business plan competitions, conferences, and of course school, I had lots of opportunities to learn new things this year. Instead of making a big… Reads more »

Starbucks: 87,000 Drink Combinations

And you thought deciding between a Grande and a Venti was hard! In the December 18th issue of Time there is a really great article about Starbucks and the challenges it faces as it grows. Currently there are around 12,440 locations worldwide and the goal is to expand to 40,000 – more than even McDonald’s…. Reads more »

BitTorrent acquires uTorrent

Some potentially bad news today for ĀµTorrent fans such as myself. Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent, announced that his company has aquired the popular client app. TechCrunch has the scoop: The move will bring quite a few torrent users over to BitTorrent. News site TorrentFreak estimates that buying ĀµTorrent, will bring BitTorrent nearly 50… Reads more »

Edmonton Technology Startups

When it comes to technology startups, it seems as though Edmonton can’t hold a candle to Toronto, Vancouver, or even Ottawa. Very rarely in my travels, physical or virtual, do I hear about really interesting tech things happening in Alberta’s capital city. Yet I know there must be. I mean, surely we aren’t the only… Reads more »

What’s a Yahoo! to do?

Almost every day now I read something about Yahoo! and its “problems” and/or “options”. Those are in quotes because it seems people are very divided on Yahoo! – some think it’s in trouble, others don’t. I’ve been a Yahoo! user since the days of the grey page-background, and if you count sites like Flickr and… Reads more »

Startups don’t need to be ruthless

Greg Linden asked a very interesting question today: Is ruthlessness the key to success for Web 2.0 startups? He cites examples of Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and others using spam, porn, or other “ruthless” means to become successful. While the idea might be intriguing, I think it is far too simple. First of all, being “ruthless”… Reads more »