Recap: High Level Bridge light up on Canada Day

Thousands of Edmontonians lined the river valley on Canada Day to catch a glimpse of not only fireworks, but also the official light up of the High Level Bridge. The project was greenlit back in March when the necessary $2.5 million to purchase and install 50,000 LED bulbs on the bridge was successfully raised. Over the last month the lights were installed and tested in preparation for Canada Day.

Canada Day 2014

There were people everywhere last night – every path, ledge, and patch of grass was claimed by someone eager to see the lights and fireworks! Some folks brought chairs, others had blankets. There were lots of tripods and other camera setups.

Canada Day 2014

As the unveiling approached, singing of “O Canada” and chants of “CAN-A-DA!” could be heard all along River Valley Road. Finally, about five minutes past ten, the lights came on, and a couple minutes later, the fireworks began!

Canada Day 2014

Here’s the official video from Light the Bridge, with music performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The music was broadcast live on CKUA.

There was a lot of cheering, oohing, and ahhing as the lights came on. For about two minutes they danced across the bridge, giving us a glimpse of what can be done in the future.

Canada Day 2014

I was cautiously optimistic about how the lights would look, especially as I don’t feel the lights on the ATB Tower downtown look that great. Color me impressed though, they look great! Mayor Iveson, Dave Mowat, and others have been talking about how this could be our postcard photo, and now having seen the lights, I can see what they mean.

Canada Day 2014

It’ll be interesting to see how they light the bridge in the future. We’ve heard that it could be green and gold for the Eskimos, copper and blue for the Oilers, and evidently, rainbow colored for Pride!

Canada Day 2014

Congratulations to Dave Mowat and everyone at ATB, David Stevens and the folks at EPCOR, Tammy Pidner and the team at EEDC, and everyone else who worked hard to make this project a reality!

If you want to buy a bulb, you have until July 11 to do so. If you already bought one, head over to the website to find the location of yours. You can follow Light the Bridge on Twitter for updates.

Edmonton unveils Commonwealth Games 2022 bid committee and logo

Today we’re celebrating Canada’s 147th birthday, and the City took the opportunity to provide an update on its plans for Canada’s 155th birthday. Edmonton is hoping to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, and at City Hall today Mayor Don Iveson announced both the bid committee and logo.

Commonwealth Games Bid Update

The bid committee will be led by former Edmonton Airports President & CEO Reg Milley. He showed a lot of enthusiasm today and I think he’ll be a great leader for this effort. Joining him on the initial committee is Vice Chair Simon Farbrother (City Manager), Candice Stasynec (Executive Director, Edmonton Events), Maggie Davison (Vice President, Edmonton Tourism), Lloyd Benz (Government of Alberta), and four members from Commonwealth Games Canada – Dr. Andrew Pipe, Bruce Robertson, Linda Cuthbert and Edmonton’s John Stanton.

Commonwealth Games Bid Update

From the news release:

“Edmonton has built a strong reputation as an outstanding host city,” says Mayor Don Iveson. “Our bid effort, in partnership with the Alberta government, is focused on convincing Commonwealth Games voters that Edmonton is the best host city in 2022.”

Edmonton has until March 2, 2015 to submit its bid. After site visits in the spring, the host city will be selected on September 2, 2015. Only Durban, South Africa has announced a bid so far. The bid committee will be travelling to Glasgow later this month, to take in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Reg Milley talked a lot about the importance of community support today. Without it, Edmonton’s bid won’t be successful. The committee is soliciting stories from Edmontonians who have fond memories of the 1978 Commonwealth Games to strengthen the bid. They also started handing out stickers featuring the new logo to Edmontonians in and around City Hall.

Councillor Sohi

To learn more about the bid committee and Edmonton’s campaign, check out the new Edmonton 2022 bid website.