Notes on Community

Post ImageBad news – something is wrong with Megan’s laptop. We took a quick look, and its either corrupt system files or some sort of hard drive failure. Too lazy to switch rooms, so we’re sticking around for the session in this room, which is all about community. So far it seems much more discussion oriented than presenter oriented. Here are some notes:

  • Scoble says to him, community is just linking, and it has paid off in spades.
  • Someone else says making connections is what’s important. Conversations between people is what networking is all about.
  • Your blog: writing yourself into existence – writing about things you’re interested in. What are the conversational topics of interest?
  • Debbie, who is writing an undergraduate thesis on blogging communities, has found that despite the fact that the Internet can cross boundaries of time, space, etc. people end up building networks with people in their same geographic regions.
  • Someone notes that the community becomes much larger through RSS.
  • Scoble agrees with another fellow that the extended community is what is most important and valuable. I guess there’s physical networks in some places more naturally than others. Another lady says that someone has to take the initiative.
  • The process of invitation: how is it different for blogging? Someone notes you can essentially invite yourself, which is different than many other communities.
  • Someone suggests that it’s important to know something about the blogger in realspace (or meatspace).
  • If you don’t blog, you can’t really relate to the feelings and networks that can be created in virtual and then real space.
  • Someone says that to him, community is when the people involved make an effort to know the other members – it’s more than just linking together.
  • Kevin Marks suggests that access is what makes community important; access to experts, thought leaders, etc.
  • Lloyd from Flock wonders how we make the conversation accessible? Maybe its too hard to be part of a community?
  • Comments are an important part of community it seems, very quick almost impromptu conversations.

This has been a very cool session, I like the discussion way of talking about a topic.