Dessert Party

As my Twitter followers all know, Sharon and I hosted a dessert party on Sunday. When Sharon pitched the idea to me (she had been thinking about it for a long time) I thought it sounded kind of neat. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I figured it would be fun anyway. What I didn’t realize, of course, is how much work it would require!

Dessert Party Invitation

Sharon has this book that gives you tips on how to host parties like this. I’m guessing it was written a long time ago, before Facebook came along, because it of course says you should send invites. And so we did! I bugged her a lot about sending paper invites to our friends, all of whom have Facebook and email, but in the end I actually really liked the invitations. I think they looked great!

Over the last couple weeks we did some “practice runs” of the desserts that we wanted to serve. For instance, we made the chocolate cake and the white chocolate tartlets. Turns out that was a good idea, because we were able to learn from and fix the couple of mistakes we made the first time around.

We got started at around 1pm on Saturday, and weren’t really finished until 1pm the next day when the party started! Okay it didn’t take 24 hours obviously, but it certainly felt like all we did was bake. Though the worst part was definitely having to re-wash dishes repeatedly!

White Chocolate TartsPanna cotta

Our final menu consisted of: Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Tartlets, Panna Cotta with Strawberries, Cupcakes, and Cookies with Strawberry Jam. We also served coffee, tea, and wine.

Sharon had made the panna cotta in the past, so I was pretty sure it would turn out well. It was delicious as expected! My favorite was probably the cookies, but that might be because they were the hardest to make. Piping dough is not for the faint of heart! I learned you need to warm it up a bit to make it easier on yourself. My least favorite were the tartlets, though they tasted good and everything. They were sort of difficult to make as well, thanks to the phyllo pasty.

I think everyone enjoyed the desserts – there wasn’t too much left over when all was said and done. I was glad to have some extra panna cotta and chocolate cake to eat though ūüôā

I don’t think I’d jump at the chance to host another dessert party, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. I’m getting better in the kitchen too!

My photos of the dessert party are here.


Podcast: Making a Quiche

Post ImageIf you think I can’t cook, think again! I’m an absolute whiz with the microwave! Heh, but seriously, a few days ago my friend Sharon and I got together to make dinner. She suggested quiche, and I said what? Haha! It actually turned out pretty good. We took a bunch of pictures of the cooking process, mainly because we don’t cook with any regularity. The next day it occurred to me that I could turn this into an interesting podcast episode!

It turns out that I rather like the format of this episode, so I intend to use it for future episodes. I am calling them photo stories, for obvious reasons. Have a suggestion for a topic? Let me know!


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Grilled Cheese Bliss

Post ImageI should have been paying more attention a few weeks ago! August 29th was Grilled Cheese Day at Slashfood. You can still read the 31 related posts, full of recipes, ideas, and pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s enough to make you hungry!

If that wasn’t enough, I discovered that there’s actually a “Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich In America” competition! You can see all of the category winners and recipes at their site. Again, if you’re hungry, go eat before you visit the site. The pictures look incredibly yummy.

If grilled cheese isn’t your thing but you’re into pizza, stay tuned to Slashfood on the 26th (next Monday) as they celebrate Pizza Day!

Cooking for Engineers

Since we all know engineers are special people, who require special classes like their own version of English, it should be no surprise that there is a cooking website devoted to engineers. Cooking for Engineers says “Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!” And from the comments on the MetaFilter post, be sure to check out Cook’s Illustrated too.

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