The New Delicious

delicious On July 31st, the new finally launched. I consider myself a fairly heavy user of the service, with over 4200 bookmarks and 3700 tags. It’s something I use on a daily basis, so I noticed the new version almost immediately. My first reaction was “wow” but after using it for the last few days, I’m not so excited about it anymore.

What it all comes down to is that there just isn’t anything new, besides a fresh coat of paint. At least the Delicious team didn’t try to hide that in their post about the changes:

The new Delicious is just like the old, only faster, easier to learn, and hopefully more delightful to use and to look at.

They dropped the dots, cleaned up the UI, and made the backend faster. I appreciate all of those changes, but I’m somewhat disappointed that there’s nothing new and exciting for me to play with. The “new” domain has actually worked for a long time now, and the old domain will continue to work, so that’s not much of a change. The new layout and UI can be best described as “long overdue”. I guess I’m happy about the performance improvements, and I have definitely noticed it, especially when searching.

Apparently the changes will allow the team to make improvements faster, but only time will tell if that is actually the case. I think Delicious could definitely use some work around the social networking aspect of the site – starting with allowing me to specify a profile picture! They could also probably do a lot with recommendations and trends, to help me find things I might be interested in.

Even though the new Delicious has launched, I feel like I’m still waiting.

Blog Updates

Post ImageI added some new features to my site tonight, so I figured I should make a post to introduce them. Here’s a quick description of each:

  1. New Tags!
    If you look at the bottom of the last post, or any of the old ones really, you’ll generally find the little Technorati icon followed by a bunch of text links. Those are tags, which I linked to Technorati so you could see what other bloggers were saying about the topic. As you can see in this post, those links have now been replaced with my own tags (right after the little star icon). Clicking any one of the tags will take you to a page on my site that will in turn connect you with blog posts, images, podcasts, links, and other items about that topic.
  2. Add Comment
    The little discussion bubble icon next to the number of comments for each post has now been linked to the Post Comment page. That means you no longer have to click on a post title, then on the Post Comment link. You can just click the icon and post a comment right away!
  3. Bookmark with Delicious
    The first of three new icons next to the Add Comment icon, is the Bookmark Post icon. Clicking it will let you add the post to your delicious bookmarks. This icon appears on the main page, and on each entry page.
  4. Email to a friend
    The second new icon is the Email Post icon. Clicking it will let you send an email to someone telling them about the post. This icon appears on the main page, and on each entry page.
  5. Monitor with TalkDigger
    The last of the new icons is the Monitor Post icon. Clicking it will let you see who is linking to the post, using the search provided by TalkDigger. I love the functionality that TalkDigger provides, but I am not too keen on the look of the site, so I might change this to use a different service in the future. This icon appears on the main page, and on each entry page.

There’s probably small problems that I haven’t discovered yet, but everything should work pretty well. Enjoy!

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