Looking for a Junior Technical Writer to join Questionmark in Edmonton

As a software developer, I generally don’t have much love for writing documentation. I’d rather be writing code! But as someone who tries to write every day (here and elsewhere), I know that clearly explaining something is not easy, so I have great respect for those who do it. My experience in software development has taught me a few things. One is that documentation, if done correctly, can actually be seen as a feature. Another is that technical writers are one of the best sources of knowledge about a piece of software – they have, after all, documented it every step of the way. And a third lesson is that no matter how easy and straightforward you try to make a piece of software, someone, somewhere, will always want to have documentation.

Today, technical writers do more than just write documentation of course. Yes they write help files, knowledge base articles, and that sort of thing, but they also produce screencasts and videos, track and analyze usage metrics, and help to define how technical information is best relayed to the user. If that sounds like the perfect role for you, send me a resumeQuestionmark is looking for a junior technical writer here in Edmonton.

The successful candidate will be self-motivated and self-sufficient with a flexible and questioning approach. You will have the interpersonal skills to succeed in a team environment. You should have strong written communication skills and a thirst for knowledge with a desire to learn and improve your experience of technical writing in a product environment.

We’re looking for someone with some experience and a desire to learn on the job by creating great resources for our customers. Our product development teams use SCRUM and work in two-week iterations, so there’s always a new challenge to tackle.

Our Edmonton office is located downtown in the Empire Building on Jasper Avenue at 101 Street, right above Central LRT Station.

You can view the job posting on Monster, or email me directly if you have questions or are interested in applying.