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AlbertaSpirit – 100 Years!

It was a day of celebration in Alberta today, as the province celebrated it’s 100th birthday. I just got back from the AlbertaSpirit party, dubbed “The Party of the Century Event” (my crappy pictures are here). Hosted by figure skating legend Kurt Browning, the party featured: There is something for everyone in this family affair… Reads more »

Breaking out of his pod

Today the Edmonton Journal featured the Alberta Centennial Edition, a collection of stories about 100 Albertans living and working in the province today. Along with each one is a related story about Alberta’s history. If you follow the above link and navigate to page 46, you’ll find an article entitled “Breaking out of his pod”,… Reads more »

Edmonton man addicted to updating gas prices

When I posted about the price of oil on Tuesday, I linked to as a resource for checking out where the cheapest gas is in the city. Then today, reading the Journal, I came across an article talking about Scott Widney: It’s only noon, but already Scott Widney has earned 450 points as a… Reads more »